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Northwood/Potter Street School

Northwood?, Potter Street? - more like Fenn Street....log in and see if Duffy is still a pupil, having been kept down a year (or more).

Northwood/Potter Street School
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Re: Vintage

Hi Joan...I guess I was one of the invisible people.
I remember Chris of the first to wear long trousers. I thought Roger's last name was Harris ?? He lived up Hillside Road ? Use to buy me 2d worth of broken biscuits from Northwood Hills bakery on his way back from dinner...sometimes he's say they ran out...right!...the crumbs around his mouth gave him away.

April Melville ....she hit me hard one day...can't remember why....remember Mr Morris ( Religious Instruction and Math. )?.....seem to recall he sprayed when he spoke...I used to sit at the back !
.....then there's Miss dancing, and me with two left feet.

Didn't Hulme take cooking class with you girls...remember one or was it two boys took cooking ( Domestic science. )...all I know was,it wasn't for the cooking !...Percival Peirce...bit of a lame duck..wouldn't play football or rugby ...his mum told him off for getting grass on his knees....had tea at his house one day...a bit of an upper class household ..seemed to classy for a Potter Street kid..
Michael Foster.....both middle fingers webbed..had an op' to separate them...he moved to Australia..Perth I think...

I left school from Headstone Lane Secondary in 1961/2, spent my last two years of school there...was at potter from 1956 to 1960 'ish.

Anyway...send me a email to say you read