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Northwood/Potter Street School

Northwood?, Potter Street? - more like Fenn Street....log in and see if Duffy is still a pupil, having been kept down a year (or more).

Northwood/Potter Street School
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Re: left 78/79?

I played rugby and atheletics with Chris there was Geoff Ball, Barry Hester, George Weaver, Ralph Coffee and Trevor Price. Here are some people that Chris should know. And I hope to here back soon

Dell Bevan

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What has happened to all our teachers? Edwards J.C. and J.A

Mr Hood Lil Linum Mrs Yendel etc etc... Does anyone remember the other Perkins Vanessa and Christopher? I live abroad and dont often come home but would love to hear from anyone. Is the New building still standing? (old building now) Flimsy room dividers meant u could hear every lesson in the block! Great School trips to Wales, and Russia and U.S.A. Not bad days really on reflection.