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Hoey family

Thanks for posting the site. Trim looks quite lovely. My ancestor, Richard Hoey, his wife Ann (Keegan) and their family came to America from Brannockstown Cross, Parish of Trim in 1846. Perhaps there are still family descendants living in the area?

Re: Hoey family


My great grandfather was James E. Hoey and his parents were Richard and Ann (Keegan) Hoey. I just made contact with someone else looking for Hoey info who lives in Plymouth, MA - I'm sure you know her.
I would be thrilled to trade and share info on the Hoey family. For many years I've tried finding relatives and I'm thrilled to have made contact. Please email me when you get this email -

Many thanks,
Marilyn Morel

My fmaily tree is:

Great grandparents: James E. and Margaret Jordan Hoey (born in Ireland)

Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Hoey Wilcox, daughter of above. (Born in Milwaukee, WI)

Mother: Margaret Jordan Wilcox Morrissey, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Hoey (Born in Milwaukee, WI)