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Hallo everybody, I'm Laura!

Hi, my name's Laura, I'm 25 and I'm writing from Italy. This summer I'm going to Trim for about 2 months.. the idea would be to babysit in a family (I've already found the family!), to learn English, to know "your" habits and to visit your wonderful island.
As I actually don't know anyone, I thought it could be a good idea to get in touch with you in this way, to meet anyone who would like to chat with me and describe me Trim, the people, the life there..!!
I hope to receive answers..and sorry for my orrible English!!
See you soon

Re: Hallo everybody, I'm Laura!

Laura, I met you by surprise and I realized that my life would change forever, since I fell in love since the first time I look you e wonderful eyes under the shadow of Trim's castle.
I hope to see you soon again!
Ti aspetto dove il piano si sfalda e si inclina... mi manchi veramente da morire, da morire, da morire...

Re: Hallo everybody, I'm Laura!

Ci manchi tanto!!! Vieni a trovarci prestooo!!!
Ehi, Camomillo, buono! ridammeli subito!