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malone of dangan

Can anyone tell me what distance Dangan is from Trim.My gg grandfather Lawrence Malone according to his Royal Artillery records was born in Dangan c.1810.I have viewed the Summerhill parish records but these didnt start until 1812.I found some Malones in it from Clondoogan,Freffans,Ginnets,Moy & the odd one from Dangan.Are these parishes close to each other.Could these families be related to each other or related to the Malone family from Trim.Thanks Peter

Re: malone of dangan

Hi Peter
Dangan is about 4 miles Southeast of the center of Trim. There is still a Dangan castle there, but in ruins. All the areas you mention - Dangan, Clondoogan, Freffans, Ginnets and Moy - are townlands, not parishes. They are all close to one another, and any RC living in these townlands would belong to the Summerhill RC parish. The Dangan townland is 907 acres in area.

In 1854, acc. to Griffiths Valuation, there were 4 Malones living in all the townlands comprising the Summerhill RC parish: Michael of Clondoogan, James of Freffans Little, Patrick of Moy and James of Moy. It's difficult to say if they were related. An investigation of the B, M D civil registrations which began in 1864 would indicate relationships. That's what I'm investigating now for my Malone in Trim (or the surrounding area of Trim, which would include Summerhill). Good luck. Tom