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Anyone know Barney Timmons??

I'm trying to find Bernard Timmons, known as "Barney." Possibly living in Co. Meath, would be in his 30's, and had lived in Nottingham. Any info. would be appreciated - for a Nottingham lady who wishes to make contact with him.

Re: Anyone know Barney Timmons??

Yes I Know Barney

Can get message to him if you like

Re: Anyone know Barney Timmons??

Hello Oliver - Have been making enquiries re. Barney for a friend in Liverpool, a friend of hers knew Barney in Nottingham and would love to renew their friendship; I do not know the name and address of the lady in Nottingham, maybe she now lives in Liverpool, but if Barney could contact my friend she would be able to let him know where the lady lives. My friend is not on the internet, but her home address is:
Mrs Valerie Morris, 30 Molyneux Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool L 22 4 QZ, ph. No 0151 920 6389. Hope it all goes well. By the way, are you related to Mags McGivern, now on Meath Council? Take care, and thanks for your reply. Sheila.