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John KELLY & Kate BANNON Update

I sent to LDS for a marriage record for my Greats, John KELLY & Kate BANNON & also requested a birth record for Michael, their son, who was baptised in Trim. I had gotten the Baptism from LDS Film #0926185, Parish Register 1829-1880. They sent me Michael's Birth Registration which is as follows:

Page 1090

Superintendent Register District: TRIM, Registrar's District: TRIM

1872 Births Registered in the District of TRIM in the Union of TRIM in the County of MEATH

Entry #160:

Date & Place of Birth: 28th April 1872, NORTH COMMONS, TRIM

Name: Michael,

Sex: M

Name & Surname & Dwelling Place of Father: John KELLY, NORTH COMMONS, TRIM

Name & Surname & Maiden Name of Mother: Kate KELLY formerly BANNON

Rank or Profession of Father: Steward

Signature, Qualifications& Residence of Informant: Mary BANNON< (her mark), Grandmother Present at Birth, North Commons, Trim

When Registered: 10 May 1872

I feel really blessed as all other Informants were either the father or mother. So I was very blessed getting my Great Great Gma's first name & residence.

Now, my question is...where is NORTH COMMONS, Trim? I know where Trim is on the map, but is NORTH COMMONS a townland? I haven't been able to find it in all my searches.

Another question...what would a STEWARD'S job consist of in the 1870's?

Unfortunately LDS does not have the marriage records for my time period, so I have to send to GRO or see if a volunteer can do a lookup for me. I have volume & page #. Any takers?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Re: John KELLY & Kate BANNON Update

I have rec'd Civil Marriage Reg for my Greatgrandparents, John KELLY & Kate BANNON. They were married in St Pat's, Trim on 21 July 1871. I now know that Kate's parents were John BANNON & Mary . It is possible Mary's maiden name was GOUREY/GOREY or other spellings...
I have contacted St Pat's & they said they do not have a record of the marriage...strange, since I have civil reg.
John KELLY was the son of Arthur KELLY & Alice .

If anyone can furnish any info about my Greats, I'd love to hear from you.
Jeanine , NJ, USA

Re: John KELLY & Kate BANNON Update

Hi Jeanine
The parish of Trim contains 8 townlands that are Commons. 7 of them are South of town and only one is North, so I suspect that one is North Commons. It is officially named Commons (5th Division). It is on the main road to Kells and Athboy just North of Trim town. Across the road to the East is Blackfriary. It is a little over 15 acres in size. You should be able to find who lived there in 1854 in Griffiths Valuation. Subsequent cancellation books will give you the residents in 1872. The Ordnance Survey maps of that period will locate it for you exactly.
Hope this helps.

Re: John KELLY & Kate BANNON Update

Thanks, Tom, a few years later. Just saw your post. I now know that Kate BANNON's parent's were Michael BANNON & Mary GOREY & she has 3 siblings all born in Trim, Meath,

Anne BANNON b 4 Jan 1856
Laurence b 26 Aug 1861
Mary b 17 Aug 1862

but don't know what happened to any of them. Did the emigrate to US like John & Kate?

Any BANNON's or GOREY's in Trim today that can connect?