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Any Judge or Gibneys from here?

I am looking for my family ties related to my G-G-Grandparents on my Father`s, Mother`s side of the family.

Owen and Mary (Gibney) Judge from Co. Meath. Below are the only known children.They moved to Brantford Ontario,Canada. In the 1881 Brant South Census and it shows Mary Gibney Judge as being the Head of the Household, born in 1803 and most important, "Widowed" .When they came here is still a mystery to us.

There are thought to have been (6) boys & (1) girl (named Mary who was sick on the ship coming over to Canada and died on the way here, NOT confirmed as of yet!).

(1) Mathew was the only other one on the 1881 Census along with Mary that lived there with her. Born in Ireland (Co. Meath but I have to verify that one), in 1834.

(2) Judge Owen (birth 1837) 42) & Ann (29) Donovan

DOM: 1879-07-24 Priest : Bardon Book B2-127)

G-Father/Mother: Owen & Mary Gibney Origin: Co. Meath

B-Father/mother: Michael & Honora Scanlon Origin: Co. Limerick

Witness: Owen Judge & Johanna Judge

(3) Judge Patrick (birth 184 26) & Mary (1 Donohoe

DOM: 1874-09-22 Priest: O`Connell Book B2-63)

G-Father/Mother: Owen & Mary Gibney, Origin: Co. Meath

B-Father/Mother: Patrick & Catherine Dougherty Origin: Dublin

(Note: this info. # 2-3 is from our family bible)

(4) In a Church records book there is now a "John" that comes into the picture. The book is from about 1867 and states the following.

Name Born Confirmed Passed Communion, Age

Owen Judge, Ireland, Confirmed, Passed Communion, 66

Mary " " " " 54

Mathew " " " NO 27

Owen " " " Passed Communion, 24

John " " " NO , 22

Patrick" " " NO , 19

If any of this rings a bell please reply.

Chris Power