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I visited Trim every year growing up

Hello Trim.

You might remember me? I was the young lad with the english accent that used to come and visit my (families) home town every year with my granny (and cousin Ritchie from Dublin). Going back a few years now, back in the eigties (From when i was 6 to when I was was 16, 1979-1989 currently now 29). My Grandmothers house used to be 8 Kells Road (the railway road). The family name was Ward. My Grandfather Matt used to be a barber in town and passed away during the 70's. I had some fiends I used to see every year. One good friend of mine was Helena Tully. I saw her recently but never said hello, i don't know why? I was only in town for a few short hours. Was back in Xmas 2001. You were coming out of your aunts house, Peggy Weldens. She had some cousins I also knew from when I only a few years old and living in the town, Bernard and Joseph Tully (twins), they have a younger brother called Frank (they are all the spitting image of thier father). Also Avril Butterly lived a few houses up from me. She has a brother called Damian. My cousins Ann and Dermot Breen left Trim and moved to Australia a few years back. Everyone knew Dermot as he was a jack of all trades. Played on the football team. God bless my cousin Justin Clarke who was taken away from us unexpectedly. We used to climb the castle together and wander the town during those warm summer months. We would ride down the river Boyne on inner tubes we would get from the garage and eat upteen bags of chips every week. If any of this rings a bell or makes sense to you, please get in touch.


ps Thier was a sweet shop that was right beside the supoermarket, just round the corner from my grans. I spent so much money in there on a regular basis (there was apub on the corner too). They were always so nice in there. Does anyone remember that man who buried himself alive beside the swimming pool to break some world record? What a mad man!

Re: I visited Trim every year growing up

hello marc Iremember you in trim ha ha
Love Josiexxx