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Farrelly/Farley genealogy

I am currently seeking information on the Farrelly's of County Meath. We know that the family lived in County Meath and about 20 miles from the City of Dublin. Another family researcher guessed that the family might have possibly lived in Trim. We do know that one of their children, Anna, was born in Parish Stamullen.

Laurence Farrelly was born in County Meath on March 17, 1814. In probably the late 1830's, he married a Mary Goff (or Gaugh or Gough). They continued to live in County Meath and raised four children: Anna, Patrick Henry, James, and Mary Ann. The family eventually moved to America in 1851.

If there is anyone who knows anything about the local records from churches or knows where some of the Farrelly relatives might have been buried over there. The family story passed down reported that Mary Goff was actually Laurence's third wife, with wives #1 and #2 having died in Ireland. The first and third wives were reportedly Catholic; while, the second was Methodist. Anyway, the first two wives may have been buried in your area; and, if anyone has any idea of where to look, I'd be very interested.