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Old friends (or enemies)

If you remember me ...write to me...I was born in Trim in 1965...went to the CBS till 83...are you of that vintage?Now live in Bogota , Colombia....

Re: Old friends (or enemies)

are u Dermot's brother

Re: Old friends (or enemies)

Yes, he´s my older brother. He now lives in London.

Re: Old friends (or enemies)

Cormac, is that you?!How amazing that you are now in
Bogota. I didn't get so far afield (Germany) but have
been away for many years now. Would love to hear from
you. I can be mailed at

Re: Old friends (or enemies)

Hi Cormac,
a virus destroyed my address book and all e-mail records- hence the radio silence. Until you write me I can't write to you!!!!! d