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Re: Disappointment

Thanks Whatchamacallit. Still don't get it.
Weren't Yaweh and Jehovah the same entity, at least in the translation of the Bible commonly used today?
If they were separate - which of them did Jesus derive from, according to JZ?
Should we be worshipping Id, who stayed out of it?

Re: Disappointment

Sounds like, when RSE students are told, "You are God" what is meant is some sort of insult.

Re: Disappointment


Ramtha may be rewriting the Bible ? LOL

Yes, in the Bible, one would think it's one being. R would disagree. He claimed that the old and new testaments are about multiple "Gods"...who warred. He claimed the Old Testament was about the controlling, jealous god Jehovah, and the new one was about Yahweh.

He claimed that the Council of 13 (Gods) "split" their souls and made a new one - Jesus. Then, another time, he said that Jehovah was behind Jesus' coming here, because he was to take a dark path of control, on behalf of Jehovah. BUT, the Council saved the day and intervened.

I think Ramtha has had too much wine.

S/he can't even get a story straight.

Re: Disappointment


I can see a rationale for contrasting the God of the Old Testament with that of the New Testament.
The Old Testament God really could be described as a War God, unlike the God of Love and Peace in the New Testament.
Fortunately, that other stuff, about 13 Gods, (unless they were all aspects of the same divine entity) prevents me from completely agreeing with JZ/R.