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Re: mystic bourgeoisie

Same thing in India. People are told it is "their very own secret mantra." In reality, they're recycled (the mantras, not the people.) So often they're saying the same thing using other words. Example, "shri" is just a manner of respectfully addressing an adult male. In fact, instead of "Mr." on letters to my family, the male is addressed on the envelope as "Shri." As far as mantras go, I find the Gayatri Mantra to be beautiful. I certainly hope no TM'ers have butchered that!

OT: My dog has kept me awake all night...eeeeek! Perhaps he could use a mantra - such as Neine! Bleib! Platz!

Re: mystic bourgeoisie

Thank you. Fair enough.
I can already "fly"...soaring on the wings of song, for instance,or sometimes, get high on life. Or with $7,000.00, I can take several exciting trips in an aeroplane.
So, TM is another case where you don't get what you pay for, and you have to buy a whole mess of potage with it?
Wondering, if the practice of TM (without the other garbage) is an evil in and of itself.
But, Joe, I did actually see one of my schoolmates levitate. He was at my house, and he had just arrived - no way were there strings, wires or pulleys involved. Maybe I was hypnotized? That's a joke - In spite of efforts by a psychiatrist when I was in my 20s, I am not susceptible to that particular phenom. And I don't tend to hallucinate, either. That made me think there might be something in TM. Still, did not choose to learn TM.
Answering my own question in part, I have noticed that people who spend a lot of time practicing TM seem stoned! There was a popular YOGI who was so 'happy' he struck one as an imbecile. I think it taps into endorphins, or can be used to do that. But so can some forms of exercise. Or sex. Suppose that it could become an addiction.
While it can be a good thing to still mental clutter and go within, and one really could, perhaps, discover inner stillness and peace, over time this practice could divorce one from reality, if too much time is spent on it, at the expense of more mundane but necessary activities.
Like the C & E taught at the ranch, or like 'focusing?

Re: mystic bourgeoisie


Re: mystic bourgeoisie

Great post, Joe. That webmaster is too funny, and not subtle at all.

"Nor do I care what you think of me or this website."

ROFL ! Amen to that !