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Re: zecharia sitchin revisited

Ascension ...

The Ramtha version of ascension is some pseudoscienctific explanation about how we are all, at the cellular level, light. Each cell, is entrapped light. So, the goal is to raise your consciousness to such a high, fast vibratory rate, that each cell in one's body would be vibrating so fast it would go right beyond the speed of light :::POOF:::

He likenened it to spontaneous combustion. The innuendo, as I understood it, was that those who combusted, really were ascending.

So, if we do the Great Work, and get out of entrapment of our emotional bodies, into the fourth seal and above, we'll ascend. To be forever with the Old Goat.

Ramtha said he ascended WITH his physical body. He rose up into the air, floating, as he became brighter and brighter, and lighter and lighter, until...poof...he was gone ! The slow son of a gun took 35,000 years to come back and find US, his people.

That's hysterical about Mark/Lizzybabe fighting about what the teachings were. It just figures. Too bad JZ wasn't there. It would have been fun to watch them all duke it out over who's version of ascension is the right one.

I also read the green hardcover I AM books. Not all of them, but more than I care to admit. I was sitting in an audience once, reading the book, as "Ramtha" was pacing the floor, talking. I was sitting right next to an aisle, and I probably stood out like a sore thumb, because my eyes were on my book, not Raaaaamtha. I had a bee in my bonnet over something, so I tuned him out. Until, that is, he started talking about the book I was reading. Guess JZ didn't like the competition. She obviously recognized the book !

Re: zecharia sitchin revisited

Ack !!!

I should proofread first.

pseudoscienctific = pseudoscientific