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Re: Tyger Does It Again

FN said, "I'd mail you my gold coin that I manifested by driving to the store and plunking down the money I earned to buy it,"

ROFL !!!!

Re: Tyger Does It Again

I am Tyger. That's what they found out in the USN.....I just am what I am......and I am Tyger.

That's it.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

so, how ya gonna address the man's severe alcoholism? Alcoholics tend to 'confabulate' alot ..(lie.) Might want to address that, if you care so much for little boy blue. AND certainly before a celebration of life renewed. Just a few thoughts before you go popping any champagne. Desperation is as desperation does.. Very sad family story, and nowhere near a happy ending.

Btw, Tyger, you are no therapist, nor exit counselor. An inability to get out of your own ego suggests ...well, wouldn't want this to be a flame...

A TRUE friend would help a friend get addiction treatment, so he doesn't contribute to drunk driving statistics. THAT'S a friend.

And, btw - USUALLY..friends allow friends to crow about their own victories, acomplishments, jumping of hurdles. eh?

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Friends share in our victories and defeats.

And at least, T's friend will no longer be handed two barf bags and told to drink till he's puking.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


Get off of my cloud, jerkoff. You're the rain on the picnic....congratulations. Bet your wife is so proud.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


Will my SAT scores suffice??? Bet mine is bigger than yours.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


I am such a bad, bad man. Or maybe it's just the cold meds kicking in.....