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Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

otay panky

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

G2G said, "Will those who keep returning continue to sleep?"

Some will. Some will quietly doubt and do nothing but patch it up with their rationalizations - and - go back to their next event. Some will do what I (and others) did, and privately search online to find out if anyone else is out there who has the doubts and questions that they do. Or have private conversations with friends about the discrepancies.

I already posted once or twice, about the last Christmas event that I went to out there. It was "marketed" big time, and since I travel so far, I decided I was going to treat myself. So for the single evening event, I traveled far. I cried all the way home and for days after.

It wasn't anything like it was marketed to be. It was a drunken wine ceremony. I was "hit on" by men and women, as I was just walking to the bathroom. I witnessed quite a litany of disgusting behaviors. I drank very little wine, and had quite the view from where I sat. DISGUSTING. Puking, fighting, a big woman, quite heavy-set, fell on me as she stumbled, trying to get back to her seat. (I'm quite short) She was leaning on me like a pillow for a good half hour. My arm went numb. But, for more reasons that I'll get into here, I just shut up and sat there, listening and watching. I was covered in wine splatters and baked/fried chicken, that went flying all over the place, though the air. Why ? "Ramtha" was doing a toast and held his glass in an outstretched manner - a signal to students to come up to the stage and toast his glass. They all ran. RAN. Over anything and anyone in their path. Disgusting. Staff was stinking drunk, and I witnessed several fights almost break out. The dancing (more like a mating call) was ongoing, until about 4 a.m. I had nowhere to go, and it was cold outside. I wasn't prepared, but I left and would walk around outside until I was so cold that I had to go back in again. Couldn't sleep. Tried to go to my car, but too cold to stay long.

I should have left when I arrived at the event and the staff handed out two barf bags to each student as they entered the door.

The marketing was totally misleading. It was one of the worst events I ever attended.

My Christmas gift that year ? I saw the strawberry. The appalling event served to push me out the door and cut the ties that bound me. It was probably the saddest Christmas (not counting when my father died), ever. I was stunned at what I saw that night. The betrayal was deep but that strawberry in the mud was coming closer to the surface for me to pluck. Ripe.

I came home and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, night after night. I was online googling things like "Ramtha" "fraud" "critics" "JZ", and I found a lot of information that I wish I had found earlier. Better late than never !