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Re: We All Created It!

whatcha and lost,
thanks for the clarification. "trigger words"? That push buttons? It isn't my intention to push buttons. what "givivng my power away" means to me is deeply rooted in other experiences.
hey, why not a dictionary on "cult speak? for the sake of communication it would be helpful to new comers.
lost..i agree w/you on the what's the difference aspect. my thought exactly. perhaps we use the word "cult" casually? lt seems to me that EVERY group has their own "group speak" (lingo). and, in every group beit church or a profession or sports could be considered a cult. people are expected to conform to a specific thinking. that separates them from others. it's an identity thing.

Re: We All Created It!

lost, you hit the nail on the head. and, it isnt "just you". it's my question precisely.
where does the word "cult"ure come from? the identity of a group? i'm serious.
i've been reading (a lot) on line about various groups, "cults". it seems to me...

Re: We All Created It!

lost, whatcha, "giving ones power away" means giving ones mind and individuality away.
how many people practice religion..but have never studied a bible? how many see a new product advertised and run out and get it? and, if we dont must be something wrong w/us? if we dont have blue eyes and blond hair (w/dark roots showing)? or, if we are too fat..or thin. dont live in the "right" area..know the right people..go to the rigt places...on and on and on. sounds like a Cult to me! Is it fair to say that a "cult" is anything that creates and presents a "model of perfection" and expects absulute conformity and obedience?

Re: We All Created It!

ever been involved w/a church or business that doesn"t think they're right or the best? how bout various branches of the military? in everything there's an "us and them". ever been around cops? all of the above (and more) is about POWER! ego-image-identity supported by NUMBERS. $ amounts and volume of recruits/acceptance.
did anyone catch what hampton said on Larry Live? "WE have the best" in terms of Her business and product. the product being? A dream? self/God realized? enlightenment?
by the way, anyone have a definition for "enlightenment"? in light of ther peoples problems and sex life?

Re: We All Created It!

I know of a civic organization (well established for many years, and well known), that speaks about adults working with youth on assorted projects. They refer to "empowering" the youth. There are a few other references to types of "power", that one could compare to "new age" terminology. I don't think that's the intent at all, though.

To me, it's just about having a certain level of independence, decision making ability, feeling involved as an active contributor - like that.

As for "trigger words" (music, phrases, etc) as they are connected to cults or controlling or negative experiences, they can be so many things, imo. Scientology has their own "loaded language", as does RSE, etc.

But, of course, the words are not loaded with any emotion unless or until WE ascribe the meaning TO them. I guess it would be fair to say that to varying degrees, redefining those meanings and emotions are one of the "after the cult/coercive group/high demand group/whatever name you want to use", is part of the recovery process.

Re: We All Created It!

In Life Skills, empowerment means that you encourage and instruct people in the process of making their own choices, addresssing their own problems or challenges, give them problem solving and communication skills, tools that will help them once they leave the group (and you get to leave after 16 weeks...have to, part of the process).
But, shocking as it was to me, that resembles some of the teachings at the ranch. Gary Zukov in the Seat of the Soul (recommended reading at the ranch) says that "love is the only power".
Not having been to the ranch, and only knowing what I do know of it from people on this website and the RSE web page, gotta say, in theory, it does not sound all bad, but in practice, based on yours and others' experiences there, shared here, while there may be some positive things to be learned there, it sucks, because it turns out to be disempowering.

Re: We All Created It!

lost, that's the "bait and switch" at rse. the confusion. it started out as loving and encouraging..uplifting. customers were told NOT to follow anyone but their own god. then it changed to "R" is greater than us and knows how to teach us. you dont see hampton on King live or any other interview presenting "R" sloshed and foul? there's two different messages.

Re: We All Created It!


"then it changed to "R" is greater than us and knows how to teach us. you dont see hampton on King live or any other interview presenting "R" sloshed and foul? there's two different messages."

How right you are! If you noticed, thier was never the mention of r except in the name of the school. It was all about her.

Re: We All Created It!

YEP! says it all.