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Re: annual Darwin awards


Au contraire, mes ami. I was merely writing a small humorous piece as a riposte. MKULTRA did indeed exist, but it was not responsible for any of the garbage that popular New Age lore attributes to it.

As far as experimentation on US soldiers goes,...yes, it was practiced and done in the 1940-1964 era....but there is very little evidence of it after that.

I served for three years aboard the US Navy's official "test vehicle" for new technologies, and I can tell you that there is nothing that would even hint at what you suggest. Furthermore: Having grown up and personally experienced my own father's occupation....I find the notions absurd.

MKULTRA was about one thing and one thing only...recovering ET crashes and storing recovered material...hopefully studying it, but that hasn't worked out so well. That's all there is, buddy. Trust me on this one.

Truth. It sets you free.

Re: annual Darwin awards

Please go to this link, and read all about it...from a Senate Committee hearing conducted in 1977.
Or to save you time, read this quote:

The research and development program, and particularly the covert testing programs, resulted in massive abridgments of the rights of American citizens, sometimes with tragic consequences The deaths of two Americans [3a] can be attributed to these programs; other participants in the testing programs may still suffer from the residual effects. While some controlled testing of these substances might be defended, the nature of the tests, their scale, and the fact that they were continued for years after the danger of surreptitious administration of LSD to unwitting individuals was known, demonstrate a fundamental disregard for the value of human life.

Re: annual Darwin awards

In all fairness, the Committee found that most of the Government didn't know what was going on, most of the CIA didn't know about it, and most of those in the CIA who knew about it did not know about, and could not foresee or control, the worst of it.
Small wonder that you did not know about it.

Re: annual Darwin awards

Sounds like what they do at "The Ranch".

Re: annual Darwin awards

Well, it was the genesis and originating spirit for "mind control techniques"...if you read further, you discover that it was an attempt to understand such techniques, purportedly practiced in Russia and Asia, and possibly learn how to counter them, or use them to fight "the enemy".
Having read almost everything on that link, I recommend that former (or current, if interested) RSE students read about the full array of experiments that were conducted.
How to hypnotize, drug into submission, "reprogramm", induce mental illness, cause publicly humiliating and discrediting behaviour in normally sane subjects.
I just finished reading a) how to induce a concussion using short sound blasts at significant frequencies (bellowing spiritual leader on stage springs to mind)and also, how to counter attempts at inducing concussion by means of a temporary gas bubble introduced into the head.
Really, for a pacifist like me, this is all so very very chilling.

Re: annual Darwin awards


Me thinks you were fed to many brownies at frog man school and flunk out of the REAL test.

HA! HA ! HA!