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TNT Does New Years Special About RSE

Boy, oh boy....

Another New Year's Tyger has survived. I don't believe it.

Thanks to a terrific "transmutation" I'm having (you read: bad head cold), I declined the usual libations and parties, forgoing all of that for a quiet candlelit lobster dinner with the wife.


I DID manage to catch the special they were having on TNT about the "school". It was back to back video collections about all the antics and shenannigans they pull up there at RSE.

Anyone else manage to catch it? Quite revealing actually.

It was titled: "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes"

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE

On another topic;

Someone please tell me about the "JZ's First Orgasm Teaching" and the "JZ's Oral Sex Adventure Teaching". I keep reading allusions to these things, but I've only heard bits and pieces.

Anyone fill in the blanks?

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE


There's not much to fill in, really. There was a "Truth Teaching", which means that a LOT of wine was consumed by "Ramtha" and the students. Some students wouldn't drink that much wine (myself included), because the initial pressure to drink volumes, which was controlled and monitored by "Ramtha" and one's event partner, wasn't as intense. Fortunately, for me, I missed a lot of those "ceremonies". I'm not a drinker and had I been there during the height of it all, instead of having more babies, I would have quit, anyway.

I digress.

It was an evening, when R came in, got sloshed, and then proceeded to talk about inane topics for hours, hours, hours, into the wee hours of the morning. Quite a few students/customers walked out. Some just laid down and fell asleep. If you fall asleep, though, you risk being slapped awake (literally). "Ramtha" has slapped people awake or told those nearby to do so. I only wish I had the pleasure of seeing some courageous soul slap "him" back. I guess that's my anger speaking, but that's okay. It's honest.

So, most of the night was "him" talking to Blue Body (who walked out, too), and then about their relationship (who gives a darn? not me), and then it just went downhill from there, into the most base aspects of their relationship, her past relationships as they compared to her current one (sexually speaking). It was disgusting. It was completely and utterly inappropriate, imo.

But remember, Ramtha knows what is best for you, Tyger ! LOL

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE

How bizzare, how bizzare...

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE

one time R got after bb for not being able to lay beside hampton w/out getting an...E. told bb "you're gonna lose her".

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE


hmmm...sounds like a different "mood"...

The Headache

Re: TNT Does New Years Special About RSE

whatchamacallit, not a mental picture i care to have.