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Re: Channeling

LEEMAR- have to get back to you later. Spent a lot of time with my "sssssssshutzhund" GSD at the beach, and his tracking has improved so much we found a small dead bird, dead fish, and dead seagull. Now my noble GSD is meowing and my cat is flirting with him. I'm concerned he might be channeling a cat without his consent or knowledge (particularly following his "beach" findings and recent photographs showing orbs on the beach)!

Still waiting for that pepperoni seminar, as in - how to keep my German Shepherd from engulfing an entire pepperoni pizza-ever so quietly. Hm. Again. If he meows one more time, I'm getting out my holy water from Lourdes. Do you accept faux gold chocolate coins (I've eaten the chocolate but still have the wrappers) as tuition?