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Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies

Everything at that so-called school is classic mind control straight out of Nazi Germany.

I have a good friend who is DEEPLY into the school. I've been trying to get him out for years now. (David, you know who I'm talking about.) He has a 4-year old that he's currently brain-washing as fast as he can into Scamtha's Demonology Teachings. The kid actually runs around telling grown adults that he can fry their brain with a "blue body mind-bolt". How loving and enlightening....parenting the New Age Way. (ugh) He actually tells people that "only Ramtha, my dad, and me can do this and kill people."


The other night, they were over here, (the kid loves me, crawls all over me, and asks me all the time, "will you be my daddy?"....it's so sad.) and everything was going pretty good. Through the evil aparatus of the living-room TV, I had introduced the poor child into the demonic teachings of Bugs Bunny, and he was having a blast learning them.

The "parents" completely freaked out. Apparently, having Scamtha educate your child about homosexuality, oral and anal sex is a-okay, but Bugs Bunny jousting with a dragon is enough to send them into a homocidal rage.

Of course, I changed the channel to accomodate the "parents". To "The Ten Commandments".....(LMAO!!!!)

The kid fell in love with that story too....hehehehe.

To no one's surprise, the "parents" grabbed the kid roughly, causing him to cry and throw a fit, ("I want to stay!!! I want to stay!!!!) left in a huff, and then lied about the entire incident the very next day...but only to my face.

Needless to say, the 4-year old is receiving his Ramtha-New-Year's-Indoctrination this evening. The father also likes to give the 4-year-old red wine and cigarettes when he thinks no one is looking.

How marvy.....don't you think?

Perhaps we just need a law that shuts these god**** frauds down? That would make sense to me.

Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies

i cant bear to think of how the children are being raised. makes my heart ache.

Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies


They are not "being raised". They are having their own souls destroyed by their own parents. And premeditatedly and purposefully too. It's "First Degree" any way you look at it.

Unfortunately, our nation's (assuming you are an American, of course) Code of Laws does not cover such phenomenon and crimes.

But I do.

Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies

Tyger said, "Unfortunately, our nation's (assuming you are an American, of course) Code of Laws does not cover such phenomenon and crimes."

Tyger, I disagree with this.
I spent considerable time (along with others) researching the WA State Statutes regarding children, as well as the WA State agency for protecting children. I clearly found policy defining child abuse and neglect that fit what I witnessed at RSE. There's more I can say about this, but I won't say TOO much, by posting it on this board. All of that to say, there are avenues for recourse, to protect the children. I've discussed a number of things with an attorney. Not just about the children, but other aspects of RSE.

JZ's attorney probably advised, knowing this, and that's why each parent/guardian has to sign ...yet another document...that they accept full responsibility, yadda, yadda. I doubt that would hold up in court.

Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies


Now THIS is interesting news. Please email me with some details if you wish.

Re: Dont Forget Your Twinkies

whatchamacallit, i was there when R threatened that NO ONE better lay a hand on the kids. and, no one but parents were allowed to go near the "baby tent". also, the PA to it was turned off during adult conversation/topics were in play.
i saw parents that adored their children. and, some that....