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question and thanks to site managers

T0: David

Great site. Majority of the cult websites are catalog approaches to mind control/high demand groups. It is good to see a site exclusively for people who have become entangled with RSE. It gives a forum to compare specific RSE programs with the basic tenants of cult behavior.

Hey I told my sister she was in a Cult. She said, forcefully, "The school is not a cult".

I bet she would agree HaleBop was a cult, the Bagwan Shree was a cult, CUT is a cult, Scientology is a cult, Garbage Eaters are a cult, Hells Angels are a cult and on and on. But somehow, her path to becoming a Master is not a cult, just everyone elses path.

Good work.

Keep us up to date on development of some of the other links on home page. Sound like they could be interesting.


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Happy New Year

Re: question and thanks to site managers

To David
The grief I have felt is deep. No I didn't have your experiences. I can only imagine how you feel. I didn't lose my family over rse..not exactly. Nor, did I lose myself by going to rse. I gained from it. In the long run.
My grief is that R is real to me. The substance of the message. I agree with Crystal. It wasn't abusive at first. Ever see the dialogues? A message of LOVE. That ended up more like jehovah. At what point did it begin to get abusive? I wasn't there at the beginning. And, when I did go I was surprised at how ugly it was. Not beginners..but after that.
I remember people with happy faces..shining. Less than a year later joy was gone. What happened?