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I woke up with this thought this morning.
During one assay several years ago, the arena was completely darkened, and the film Mothman was shown.
( I don't like scary movies, so this was ultra scary for me!!)
WE watched the movie and then were instructed we were NOT to talk to anyone for the next three days.
about half way through the event, a green lead passed around the microphone for
people to tell about their experiences of the last several days (having seen the movie, no talking, and there was an electrical fire near the ceiling of the arena during that time, in which JZR had said it was Mothman paying a visit-the whole arena was evacuated).
I remember one spanish woman with a thick accent told how on t he first night, Mothman had come and ripped her tent to
Another foreign woman stood up and showed scracthes on her arms from some creature
in the night.
And we all believed this!!!

On a side note, always trying to find the humor in things, my best friend was parked right next to me in the parking lot.
(We both slept in our cars).
Before we went to sleep that night, it was still light out.
While everyone else was taking a walk in the field, I ran to my car, drew on a piece of paper, the shape of Mothman, stuck two cherry tomatoes on the paper for eyes, and put this on my friends' tailgate along with a whiffle ball bat
that I had in the car.
omg! WE laughed SOOO hard, we nearly peed our pants!! And the looks we got form people as if to lear and say, "you aren't suppose to be talking!!" And we could only laugh some more as if to say:
we aren't talking, we are laughing!!!!

Re: Mothman

I still don't know the purpose of the
whole Mothman thing. Bizarre.

Re: Mothman

this jzr holywoodconection is realy bizzare.using complete soundtracks,using things out of movies for her teachings,using movies for spiritual education.the most laugh i got from 'cindarella is a thru story'knowing that the grimmbrother sampeled this storys which were verbaly given on in the german culture.some of this original fragments read like zen riddles.then the kaiser of this time figured out that they were a hidden source of a freethinking culture.he gave the grimmbrothers the task to rewrite them politicly correct.and than jzr[all of plums remarks]makes a teaching out of the diesney[again alterd ] version.[diesney is the american kids brainwashinstitution]