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KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

************ BEYOND THE ORDINARY dot NET - KRSE (tm) ************

No live program today (Friday Oct 5th) Grandmother Parisha is still
in the Outback. On November 2, the stories of a fabulous adventure!

http://www.worldpuja.org http://www.maureenmoss.com

For our Local Listeners: LYNNE MCTAGGART will be speaking and signing
copies of her books at the EAST WEST BOOKSHOP - OCTOBER 23, at 7:PM
6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA tel: 800-587-6002
The Intention Experiment is no ordinary book - it's a chance to
be part of living history. It invites you to take part in a massive,
ongoing international on-line group experiment, under the direction of
some of the most well-respected scientists in consciousness research.
Learn more here: http://beyondtheordinary.net/lynnemctaggart.shtml

PLUS: "Choices and Illusions" has already reached 12th place on the
NY Best Sellers list! The support for this book is unprecedented,
dozens of visionaries interested in bringing knowledge and
enlightenment to the world, including JZ Knight, BTO and guests, and
many others are offering great free gifts and valuable coupons when
you purchase this book! For more information:

That's it, have a fabulous weekend!

And that you for listening and supporting BTO!
-- your hosts... Nancy & Elena

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Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net


JZ knight on love and relationships....omg

"yes....this is how you destroy ALL of your current relationships:
follow me and my purty 'lil example,
make a few others very popular,
then kick them off your team,
and how to go through more men
than Marilyn Monroe in 3 easy lessons..."

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

"PLUS: "Choices and Illusions" has already reached 12th place on the
NY Best Sellers list!"

Great...Another "The Secret" supported
by other gurus. nice.....(NOT!)


Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

Eldon Taylor:


Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

JZ on love and relationships. That's just incredulous.

Does this include a detailed description of her sex life with Blue Body as we were subjected to in audience (with children present), when Ramther described the first blow job JZ ever gave in her life ... to BBody ? Or how she had her first orgasm ever, with him ? It went on and on and was completely inappropriate.

If that's not the height of narcissism, I don't know what is.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

She is always the "quintisential " marketer, she knows how to latch on to a market so that she does not have to do the heavy lifting herself.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

What? Judith can't levitate yet? Well I'll be darned.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

"She is always the "quintisential " marketer, she knows how to latch on to a market so that she does not have to do the heavy lifting herself."

quintessential!!!! how funny! and utterly true.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

I don't know how long she has been with BBody but an "educated guess" would place her first orgasm at around fifty !!!!! One word: "THERAPY"

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

Does JZ have a financial interest in Beyond the Ordinary? They use the RSE initials but you can listen for free which is very unlike JZ. Of course they also ask for donations on-air which is very JZ. You can play archives of everyone's interviews - except for the Ramtha broadcasts on Wednesdays. Most of their interviews are with RSE students and teachers but they do have other people who are not involved with the school. Just what is the position of BTO - is it basically a JZ/Ramtha publicity tool which the listeners pay for?????

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

JZR at one point several years ago, wanted
to promote a radio station called KRSE.
It never quite materialized.
But then the ladies who actully run BTO, Nancy and Elena, attended an event and moved here lock stock and barrel.
Since KRSE never made it, Elena and Nancy
made some arrangements with JZ.
so, no, JZ does not own it or really have any say so on the creativity end of BTO.
Nancy and Elena have interviewed people much along the lines of the Puja network since they moved (I think it was) from
I know when they first came to Yelm, one of them had to retain a job to keep the household going, so hence, the donations asked for by their network.
AFter they had done their first interview with Red Guard Laura, they asked me for
an interview, since I had worked at the ranch. In hindsight, I am sooooo happy I refused. I am definitely not lime-light sort of person, but I had no need to tell an audience of great I thought I was.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

I am part of a group of South Africans living in Europe. The Ramtha White Book was passed around and then we started listening to BTO which is where I listened to Audrey - she seemed wonderful. The women who do the show also seemed sincere and involved with a lot more than RSE. We shared a lot of Ramtha tapes at one time as well as attending retreats in Italy and SA. We watched the bleep movie because Ramtha and RSE teachers were in it. It was just so easy to get sucked in from a distance. I liked the intital message but was really put off by the DTC stuff - didn't seem to belong in a real spiritual group. The international students just have no idea about the real craziness; I have been getting people to read this site. I had no idea about the craziness in the Yelm area until I started reading this site and I was quite disgusted and angry about falling for it and spending so much money on a cult. I had no idea that it was a cult.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

This story will give you some insight into the CONTROL element that JZ may have over the KRSE folkies.

Around the time that Audrey was accused of cheating, she was also interviewed on KRSE. On the radio show, she said that despite being called out by Ramther for cheating, she did not cheat.

I was in an audience when Audrey was verbally lambasted by Ramther, and the radio folks were lambasted for allowing presentation of a show when Audrey cheated. They said she said she did not cheat, and Ramther was Very Angry that ANYONE in the audience would question his/her credibility. If Ramther said Audrey cheated, then Audrey cheated. Period.

The heat was on, for that show to be removed. It was PROMPTLY removed from the KRSE website, and never aired again.

NEXT, Audrey was reinterviewed, explaining that she did cheat.

That entire situation caused a rift in the school. There were students that never believed that Audrey cheated. They were verbally chastisted for challenging Audrey's word against Ramthers. It was so "high school", if you know what I mean.

So, in my experience and/or opinion, Beyond the ORDINARY is only beyond, within the boundaries of acceptability that is set forth by Ramther/JZ.

In my mind, whether Audrey cheated or not, is secondary to the treatment she received. Two wrongs don't make a right.

She was fired from her job there, too. We also had to listen to JZ have a childlike whiney temper tantrum in front of the audience. She whined like a victim about how she was soooo upset that Audrey could do this to the school. How JZ was going to just pack it up and move to FRance and Ramther said to go ahead and pack up, he'd be with her.

What a slap in the face to ALL students. Think about it. Some of the students disagreed with Ramther's accusation that Audrey cheated. That'll show em'. Move to France.

Pity the french.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

Hi, JO -

I had no idea it was a cult, either. I never heard of the school until I saw "What the Bleep," but I did remembering reading something about this JZ woman a long time ago and paid it not attention. It just sounded way "OUT" there. I went to the school not to find spirituality, because I spent years to arrive where I felt very much in touch with my 'higher self.' I went to RSE thinking I was going to 'enhance' my intuition, since my parents, siblings, aunts- and I have always had this inate 'sense' of knowing. We never called it "psychic" though we would dream of things and they'd happen, know who was calling long before caller ID made itself known, just an amazing list of things that would occur between us and our intuition about things. I remember my spouse making airline reservations for a now defunct airline, and my begging them not to use that airline. My spouse went ahead and did it anyway, and the very day the flight was to go, the airline claimed bankruptcy placing my spouse in a real mess.

This same 'intuition' tells me - "Ramtha (TM)" is not there. The feeling when I was there last time was either empty in the 'presence' or agitated.

I've met a lot of people from Europe who are hooked on RSE, and then travel back, not knowing the history of the whole thing. In fact, I had NO idea of the RSE history until I began reading here, but I had already dropped my blinders in the mud for good.

EMF - Life After RSE - how I wish you'd been around when I first started! You're here now and that's the important thing. Thank you all, and to those living in Europe and across the world, it IS NOT what you think.

I just shake my head when I remember JR saying, 'if people tell you you're brainwashed, tell them you control your OWN mind.' The crowd went nuts, as usual.

Watch the Wizard of OZ - the woman is behind the curtain - a la "Judi in Disquise" - as "Ramtha (TM)."

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

'Pity the French.'

Does Jayzeek speak French fluently? At all? I'd think an ascended master could speak any and all languages -whatever language or thought an "ascended master" would project, all ought understand - were the 'story' true. I do not believe it is true. After my experience, what I'm learning now, is perhaps life is just to live it the best we can, enjoy it, love this planet and others (not always easy)- just enjoy and attempt peace within and without. (Easier said than done). "For the beauty of the earth - for the glory of the skies" - an old church hymn wiht this phrase ringing true for me when I walk through the canopied forest and deliberately walk through a stream (as opposed to being blindfolded and in water up to my waist in "the field.") (Or is that only MY timeline?)

BTO - I'll take the old "Bachman Turner Overdrive."

The French will enjoy her spending habits, as they already have - INDEED.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net

I don't think JZ speaks french. Also, there are stories about Ramther speaking foreign languages to students during audience. Upon talking later to those students, and asking them what language Ramther was speaking to them in, they'd say it wasn't their language...basically, it was gobbledy gook. When staff was questioned about this, the Answer was that Ramther was speaking in a dialect of their language that predated the one they know now.

ALWAYS an excuse.
Never accountability for bologna.

Re: KRSE-Beyond the Ordinary.net