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I was reading the White Book...

and I was about half way through when I thought "oh the school sounds like a good idea"...so I looked online. The RSE site "took over" my computer and started throwing up pages faster than a porn site...(I've been TOLD )...seriously that scared me, I had to shut down my computer manually and then I decided to look around a bit, I didn't want to go back to the RSE site, and I found EMF. Thank you. I can not even pick up the book to finish it, I am that turned off by the whole thing. I have to admit I was resonating with what I was reading...so what I wonder is this, Is it possible that channelers are "clean" when they begin and then the allure of the wealth just takes over? I remember listening to Lazaris when he started and loving what I heard...but that just grew into a money making operation. Thank goodness I have never fallen prey to a "cult". My heart goes out to those who do.
Great site! keep it up and thanks again I've read so much here I feel like I know you all.

Re: I was reading the White Book...

Don't know if channelers are "clean" when they begin (this question implies that channeling is "real" or possesses validity and what evidence do we have for that?)

But it is an established fact that high pressure group leaders often refer to themselves as charismatic meaning that they possess an innate ability to develop rapport with strangers. That may be what you experienced reading the "White Book."

Re: I was reading the White Book...

Hi edgyma,

I'm glad to know that you found EMF before you got caught up in a drama best avoided, imo. Keep reading !

Re: I was reading the White Book...

yes, EMF is making a difference.
Maybe soon, the FBI will since the Olympian in stalling .....

Re: I was reading the White Book...

*is (not in)

Re: I was reading the White Book...

Think JR bought the "Olympian?"

Re: I was reading the White Book...

I think she only buys ads, but
what is even more um. unnerving is that
people in Yelm and Olympia have businesses, and they KNOW about the farce of JZ, but they refuse to make a public
stance. I find this annoying.
Does the almighty dollar weigh more than
a person's mind that has been twisted?