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wayne allen

In a few days I'll post some remarks on my web site re Wayne Allen Geis. Some of you may have known him.

In 2005, years after he and his entourage left RSE, he opened Wayne Allen Studio in NYC.

During the past two weeks I exit counseled 8 of his students. They each went to him for acting and performing arts lessons, he proceeded to engage each one in his bizarre therapies in which he labeled them with diagnoses from the DSM, got them to diconnect from family and friends, and told them each that they "would die" if they ever left his "process." One concerned member called me to run by me what he was doing. I said he sounds like a "malignant narcissistic". She rpinted that out and showed it to others in Wayne's "cult". They said it fit him to a T and defected with my encouragement.

Geis is a sick puppy, imo, who still retains many Ram beliefs. I will not go into all the crap he did to them [and is still doing to those left] here.


Re: wayne allen


Re: wayne allen

Joe -

Does he have any affiliations with NYU and their performing arts, or any off-broadway theaters? Curiously disgusting, imo.

Re: wayne allen

Yikes! I went to one of his acting classes way back when... luckily I didn't get sucked into his game, although that may have been because I was already sucked in elsewhere, lol. There was something a bit creepy about him to me though, he was just a bit too intense. Plus at the time he told us this whole story about his wife accusing him of molesting their sons and that she was making it all up, etc, etc. Now I tend to believe his (ex-)wife's story.

Judging by his site, it looks like he's still up to his old game. Crazy, I actually recognized some of the faces on his site. I'm glad to hear that you're able to help some of these people Joe, I hope all turns out well for them. It's a mean thing to mess with someone's dreams, unfortunately people are too willing to do anything given the right promise (or threat...).

Re: wayne allen

I'm posting this on both threads that mention the 'wayne allen' acting school cult.
I have no idea who "someone" is, but someone needs to clear up the facts.

Here are my remarks on this NYC case. The school was small, maybe 10 to 12 new students at a time, but 8 are now out. Some I never met came and went quickly, to their credit.
As far as I know Geis has closed up shop [for now] due to the pressures and lack of support. He resides across the river in NJ.



Re: wayne allen

I like the parallel to Gurdjieff in your article. Someone I used to know very well use to use his metaphors frequently...