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My wife , who I love dearly, has been taken with the Ramtha teachings. She wants to move to Yelm and start preparing for the future catastrophe. I do not believe any of this. I am 64 years old and want to enjoy the rest of my life. Any advice on how to deal with this difference in perception?

Re: WTF?

How long has she been going to RSE?

I know what the outcome of your marriage will be unless she
sees the light.

I had an exit counseling with Joe Szmihart
(who posts here). Mine was voluntary.
I do know that Joe has counseled a few
that was hired by the family (Joe flew to another country for this).
It was a success, in that the guy did not leave his family and sell his two businesses.
In my exit counseling, it was the interview with that gentleman (whom Joe had spent 4 days with the guy) that TOTALL
Y turned my head around. It was so blantantly clear.

It is a very discordant situation becuase the more you push the RSE student, the more
stubborn they get that their view is right.
( I know. I was one once-for 18 years).

Maybe contact Joe and ask for his advice.

My heart goes out to you.....

Re: WTF?

hi bud get a new one.if she is serious about ramtha you dont have a chance.no ofence you ladys here but i think rse catches women more sevire than men.

Re: WTF?

She has been attending for about 2 years. The threads on R breaking up relationships is outrageous. The mention of rape, retribution, retaliation and the selling of a robe on ebay sounds like Mafia sh*t. I thought she was working on creating a better life!

Re: WTF?

the thing is....
they truly THINK they are working on a better life.
In reality, it pretty much sucks and is NOT the case.

In their head, they will be thinking:

"Omg! I TOTALLY created the coolest thing happening at the Post Office today!! Honey!!! This is what I 'created' in my day today: blah blah blah....and then I went
to the Post Office! and lo and behold! I ran into so and so who told be about this AWESOME opportunity! and guess what? This was even ON MY LIST!!!!"

Re: WTF?

Dear Bud, you are sol... once this group gets it hold it will be only when the money runs out and she is on the street that she will snap out of it.

It is a money making machine, that must be fed by the students.

I hope she is wealthy.

Re: WTF?

Also, in the 80's they were talking about the CHANGES to come... the days to come.... it is 25 years..

Chop wood carry water.... live your life.

Fear is a great motivater... and from fear.. all hell breaks loose.

She is making known all of hell in her need to run away from here she is.. but running in fear, rather than the passion for happiness or joy creates a totally different experience.

Tell your wife to run if she must... but make sure it is from a place of passions for happiness and joy not fear...

Re: WTF?

Bud. The "Joe" Tree mentioned here.
If you want to contact me directly,email me at jszimhart@dejazzd.com

Like any exit counselor, I have no magic bullets or spells to give you to help anyone exit. It is a matter of a careful, respectful exchange of information---education, better ways of looking at this that the devotee overlooks or never "sees" and "hears". You know the old adage: Blessed are those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

It would help to know what she was into before RSE---usually, not always, there is a history of new agey and esoteric interest that complicates the awareness process. In brief, people in RSE are stuck in a tangled mess of diseased ideas and misinformation.

But do not fool yourself, as many on this emf site indicate, the truth rolls off a ram/jz devotee like water off a duck's back.....iow, by merely giving her a critical book about cults or a website to look over or having her talk to someone on the phone.


Re: WTF?

Hi Bud,
Here is another group that planned and waited for the future catastrophe...they were sure it was going to happen and it was the 1950's.
Might give your wife some perspective -

"When Prophecy Fails" by Leon Festinger.

Re: WTF?

How are things in regards to the situation with your wife?