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JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

AM 710 out of seattle, a 45 minute interview. you can also listen live on line....

Re: JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

''''I was standing in my Tacoma kitchen with a pyramid on my head when I saw""
and so it goes.

My gut feel is this. JR grew up very poor, and perhaps wasn't accepted by certain people, which is horrible, imo. She felt she wasn't 'good enough' combined with her being sexually abused by her uncle (per her book "State of Mind." She was intelligent and beautiful, and left her first? husband taking her two children, going to another place where she could gain respectability. She had a 'knack' for marketing, and went with it. She was becoming accepted in a world she had been shunned by, and liked it. Her dream to be a 'billionaire' imo is, in her 'state of mind,' showing those and all that she IS 'okay' - and even better. She read, and learned even more, and didn't feel guilt at taking other's money for a fraud, since this 'class' of people had shunned her while growing up. Just my opinion.

Where does it stop? We ALL would love to know our creator, the 'sacred secrets,' and know that we haven't been forgotten. We become so desperate in seeking the higher, some will give and pay all due to JR's very cleverly planned and implemented brainwashing and hypnosis techniques. Add to this, 'open confessions' and she's got the scoop on anyone she wants, only to bring it up later.

I have heard enough of her, I believe, unless she plans to "out" herself during an interview.

Re: JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

I listened --- blah blah blah.

She sounded like every other talking head on the radio, nothing newsworthy to me. Speech seemed a tad slurry, but I have never heard her speak before, and I disliked her flirtateous demeanor.

Re: JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

I've heard her speak, and generally she speaks very clearly, although some words sound as though they are pronounced differently from what I learned, but this could be regional. I add, she speaks clearly when she's not 'doing R' or having a wine ceremony.

Maybe it's the morning 'Tea-quilas!'

Re: JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

I noticed the slurred speech too. It's too bad that they didn't have any caller questions. I only caught the last part though.

Re: JZ on KIRO 10:15 Friday AM

watch deren brown how he uses slurchspeech for his hypnosis.this bla bla lures you in.thats how she gets the people.and the other thing is there r no significant facts in her bla bla.listen but not too closly.