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Godscope, they said

I mentioned in another thread the makings of the 'godscopes' by rolling a piece of paper (like when you were a kid) at the retreat. These, JayZeek said were to be students' 'godscopes.' Everyday while relaxing music was played, grown adults looked through their paper godscopes at the pictures they'd drawn on their cards, with their crayons, while focusing on the drawing. One night, you know those cold nights on the field - I overheard someone say 'look at the godscope around the moon-it's bigger than the one during BC." Now who is telling students an atmospheric occurrence is this? I remember thinking, I'd seen the same thing several occasions at home and even had pictures of it. Anything is explained away by rse, it seems, to suit its own purpose. Here's a link to one site explaing the "ring around the moon." Godscope my eye (the school ought to exercise caution in this area since those darn pieces of paper certainly can poke one's eye out! ahem.

Here's the link:http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moonring/