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PSI-worse than RSE???

I know this is sorta "out there", but, the immediate families' reactions
so touched me, omg...
sounds like an even intenser version of
RSE ( is that possible??)

Ok, I’ve read all the post related to PSI Seminars and PSI7 and I couldn’t believe it. At least I couldn’t believe it until my wife returned from the ‘ranch’ in California with a new attitude. She left within three weeks of being back and the only excuse was ‘this is what’s right for me.” I see this is a common statement with these zealots. She also said she is leaving to find that “number 10 relationship” and refused to discuss anything about even remotely saving the marriage. Now I will say our marriage had it problems, which every marriage does, but it certainly wasn’t coming to an end. It seems to me she was looking for something or is maybe dealing with a midlife crisis, but this pushed her over the edge or what some of you describe as “the ledge?” And when I bring up PSI and the issues I’ve seen, like the previous posts on this site she shuts down and I get the 1000 yard stare. The person who left for this seminar (and I use that term loosely) is not the same one that returned. I even saw her journal, the one she was required to keep while at the ranch. She wrote that during “the sharing” she had 35 men stare into her eyes and tell her that they wanted to have an intimate relationship with her and she described what a boost to her ego this had been. When I told her about finding the journal she accused me of snooping though her things and immediately locked up the journal and a large leather bound book with the PSI seal on the cover. When I asked her why she was locking it up she told me that she was afraid I would destroy them. Now that I think about it; I should have if I had known it was going to be like this. Her friends have told me, because I see them often, there is something wrong with her, that she acting strangely and a few have told me that she is calling and trying to get them enrolled in this because she is playing something called PLD? Even her mother wonders what the hell is going on; telling me this isn’t her daughter. And I ask you what mother-in-law do you know that talks openly with her son-in-law about her daughter, and what this has done to her. What this has done to our family. She tried to recruit me and other members of the family and when we turned her down she broke contact with them and me. As I read in another post; my wife is a smart, intelligent woman, probably one of the smartest woman I know, but I still can’t believe she was gullible enough to change her thought processes for this (please excuse me) bull****. My question is; is this normal? Is there a chance she’ll “snap out if it.” Or am I staring at a pipe dream?

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

I found this posted on a yahoo group, another victim of PSI. Should I really use the word victim?

"This is for my Wife, the wife who turned into a PSI cult member.
I wonder if I will ever have "closure" with this.

"People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that
person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to
meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through
a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you
physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend
and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient
time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship
to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes
they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is
that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is
done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to
movePeople come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that
person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to
meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through
a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you
physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend
and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient
time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship
to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes
they act up and force you to take a stand. Sometimes they join a
must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled,
their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now
it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has
come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace
or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it
is real. However, only for a season!

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must
build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job
is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have
learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It
is said that love is blind and friendship is clairvoyant, But PSI
is nothing more than BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you a victim of PSI Seminars?
PSI Seminars is:
*a brainwashing seminar
*a pyramid scheme (legal because the labor is volunteered)
*group pressure/peer pressure
*skilled at harassment
*a 'targeted marketing corporation' (believe it, those are their own
*going to target YOU
*a neighborhood nightmare
*a social epidemic
*yes it IS a cult for the enthusiastic
*empty rhetoric
*a salesman that YOU pay to solicit YOU
*secretly writing down any information you share during the seminar
in order to solicit you in the future
*full of real estate agents, car salesmen, loan officers, travel
agents and more who are WATCHING YOU (and taking notes)- don't worry
they'll introduce themselves as new friends at a later date once
they know what your interests are. They are the ones who will help
you purchase, oops I mean realize your true potential
*not your friend
********ized philosophy and social science
*owned by the former board members of EST
*a more 'polished' and up to date version of EST
*required to have you sign a consent release form because of all
those messy suicide lawsuits back in the seventies and eighties
during the EST version
*not therapy
*a snake oil salesman with a friendly face
*full of ------ (fill in the blank) rhetorical logic riddled word
games that give you that warm 'I got it!' feeling
*a really bad idea
*a family and friend 'divider' not 'uniter'
*encouraging spouses NOT to tell their spouses what happened during
the seminar
*a really really expensive weekend, or more
*psychologically dangerous
*full of feel good fluff
*full of feel bad stuff
*wants you, your family, your friends, and your friends friends to
sign up
*wants YOU to recruit them, free of charge- because intra personal
relationships are the marketing mechanism of the future, oops, I
mean TODAY
*a class rate con job
*not an accredited educational organization
*affects more people then you would ever guess"

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Ruffy:
As someone who has done PSI Basic, PSI7 and has no current interest in doing any of the others, I find the rage directed at PSI fascinating.

I too, didn't really want to go, but people I loved and trusted were offering to pay for me to go because they loved me. So, I had to check it out and prove one of us wrong.

PSI's refund policy allows you to get back your money, if, after doing the seminar, you feel you got nothing out of it.

I was resistant, I tried to get nothing out of it and get my money back, but alas, I learned a great deal and it was worth every penny.

PSI is a business...and therefore they push you to take the seminar with "hard sell" tactics...the one aspect of the seminars that I found frustrating were their salesman tactics. But mainly because I have a hard time saying "no." I learned to when they asked me to sign up for the next seminar. It was fun saying "no."

That said, the activities themselves served me well in getting to a brighter perspective in my life. But it is work. You aren't just better all of a sudden, you are just more aware of what you bring to the world.

The "facilitators" are not gurus. They are people trying to live life just as we are. And you get out of it what you put in and what you observe about the world. They act as mirrors for you so that you can see what you "do" in life.

I learned a lot about myself at PSI7 as well. And the reason we don't tell you what goes on there is so that should you choose to go, you want have anything ruined for you.

Because in order to get anything out of them, you have to go through it and find out whjat it means for you personally. Nobody HAS to do anything they don't want to do. It is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TRAINING. Do not blame others for your lot in life. You have too much power for that.

And as one facilitator says.."if an excercise doesn't fit, don't wear it."

Feel free to ask any question about it you like and I will clearly answer them for you.

And Yes, there is stuff I won't tell because...for example...there is an excercise we did one night of the four day Basic seminar that was soooo valuable to me because it represents something larger, but if you know what that is before hand, you don't get the PURE experience of playing that game. But it was so illuminating. For me.

Have I kept my positive outlook 24/7? No. But I get back to feeling positive faster for having gone through the basic.

I recommend taking the four day basic...then, go live in the world and if you want more go get it...at your speed...if you can afford to...or don't.

Peace In, War Out

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Samuel:

You find the RAGE towards PSI fascinating? Try loosing a loved one to the teachings of PSI. It is all an illusion, crafted to separate you from your money and make you dependent. You go to a basic seminar and are brainwashed into believing they will provide you with the “tools” to “change” your life. They did change my life, they destroyed it. My wife, someone I trusted, destroyed that trust and turned into a lair. She removed $3000.00 from the bank, without telling me, to pay for these seminars. Tell me that is rational. She went to California for PSI7 and came back with a different attitude. She turned into an arrogant, self centered ****** “I want it now.” was the theme for the next three weeks until she left. She immediately filed for divorce. This seems to be a common theme for PSI “Graduates.”

Now you explain to me how a smart, intelligent, rational woman comes back from “the ranch” with her PSI bible and her CD’s, other then an elimination of her rational ability, and a deconstruction of her mind? Tell me: is it rational for a person to pay $3600.00 dollars for a nine day “Leadership School” at the end of PSI7, unless they were under the influence of some sort of mind control?

She brought home pictures of climbing phone poles, climbing walls, walking thought the woods; blindfolded, standing on the edge of a cliff and staring into the eyes of the male members of the group by candlelight, and tell me that is not a cult. Remember your buddies were holding the ropes? This is used to build the team. Remember the barn dance, dressing in sexy clothes picked out by you “PSI Buddy” and making a fool of yourself? Remember wearing a bathing suit in situations designed to make you “uncomfortable?” Throwing the “BULL****” on the wall? Remember that? Tell me this is rational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can’t tell me, or anyone else, what you did during the basic. I for one don’t care. Keep it a secret.

Now my wife, now ex-wife, is isolated and alone. She has alienated her family and friends. She now suffers from problems like anxiety and depression. She can go from happy to sad in the turn of her head. Her long time friends told her they want no part of her now. I see people who worked with her and they asked what is going on with her? And you can’t see the RAGE towards the **** and **** Institute? Ops, sorry, I meant PSI. Come on. Have you grown up in a cave? Did you really get the tools to make your life better, or was it simply a matter of having the knowledge and power to make the decision yourself? “PSI SEMINARS ARE DECEPTIVE AND IN THE BUSINESS OF TURNING PARTICIPANTS INTO DEPLOYABLE AGENTS AND OF CONTROLLING THEM USING THEIR EMOTIONAL WEAKNESSES.” They use these agents to recruit more members to get MORE MONEY. In the meantime they are screwing with someone’s head. That someone could be your husband, wife, brother or sister. Do you want to feel responsible for destroying someone’s life because you needed to “ENROLL” someone?

“About being a cult, this proposition is being ridiculed right from the beginning during the seminars with the seminar leader shouting out loud "Some people say we are a cult!". People look around and start laughing and everyone thinks "Of course WE are not a cult. It's ridicule to think like that!” But of course this is VERY manipulative on the part of the forum leader. He tries to defuse the idea by exposing it in such a blatant way that everybody will say that this is not the truth and that PSI Seminars is not a cult. “

Try loosing your loved one and see how that feels. Watch the one you love destroy themselves with this BS and see if you like how you think or feel. Take the white light, workshops, cool aid, and barn dances, get on your broom stick and fly.


Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Samuel:
They relive their time at the ranch. I pasted it here because of the quote from whillhites book.

Re: I've been reliving our time together at the ranch this week

Hi Bryan! Great to hear you are still growing and glowing in the
light of the 7 experience. I spoke with Melinda last night, and she
is flying out today for the final circle, I believe. Tell her "hey"!

I finished Tom Willhites book "Path to Liberty" recently. Toward the
end (page 204)he says "What we need to do is keep the thoughts and
attitudes the same as the day we finished that last class. Each
morning when I wake up, I like to imagine that the class was just
yesterday. Positive and warm feelings flood into my conciousness. I
feel revived, refreshed and ready to get on with it." It seems like
you are living in this spirit. I hope you are going to MLS. You are
already a fine leader, but I'm sure there are great growth
opportunities for us there as well.

The week at PSI7 was awesome, realizing we were all a part of each
other, and having the closeness and love grow in each of us was
excellent growth. However, what I seem to reflect on just as much or
more was my re-introduction into the "normal" world. At the ranch we
were one. Going outside of this awesome sense of togetherness,
peace, and excitment could have been a real culture shock. My
experience coming out was really powerful though. In the airport, I
felt like I was looking into, and becoming a part of everyone I
looked at (actually, I already was, but it never felt this strong
before). I could see them, and feel them at the higher level we
should all have become very aware of by now. They too were a part of
me, and in that open time of brighter colors & light just after
having been opened by the experience of 7, I loved them, and they,
in turn, loved me. That is something I am attempting to allow to
grow in me.

Love you all!!

--- In PSI7_TEAM438@yahoogroups.com, "Bryan" wrote:
> A long-time good friend and co-worker is getting ready to leave the
> ranch this morning and head back into the world, having just
> PSI 7. Every day this week I've found time to pause, look at my
> remember which day it was and picture us all doing it again, as
> has wonder how he and his Team are doing. I can't wait to hear his
> stories.
> My wife, Maria, and I will be in final circle tonight for the San
> Diego Basic to support my friend's wife (he lands too late from
SFO to
> be there) and a couple of othe friends who we've helped find their
> into the seminar. As an added bonus I'll get to see Maika, who's
> auditing the Basic here this week, and perhaps even Melinda - I
> did see whteher or not she was coming out from Amarillo for her
> I hope you are all in a realy good place today. Love and Peace from
> San Diego,
> Bryan

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

Ok, has anyone noticed that after leaving their wives and/or husbands the people going to PSI find they can't find that "number 10 relationship" and start using the internet dating services to
to find it? In reviewing some of the groups I find that several of the women turn towards these services and they are having problems. Anyone with thoughts on this subject??

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from yet another poster:

Here is another is one talking about their code of ethics.

Wonder what the code says about breaking up peoples marraiges/relationships? PSI has no ethics except to make money, no matter what.

--- In HawaiiPLDTeam206@yahoogroups.com, "Ann Passwaters" wrote:

Hello Hawaii PLD Team 206,

This message is a reminder to adhere to the code of ethics you signed
and turned in after first weekend. Every item on it is important for
the integrity of the individual and the welfare of the Team to live by
for the 90 days of play. A few that could damage the Team the worst
are item #4 (no new relationships...), #19 (24 hour rule), and #21 (no
new business partnerships...), however, they are all there for a reason
that has the Team welfare in mind. Please make up your mind to read
this on a regular basis and hold it as your own rule book for the entire
90 days of play.

Thanks & Love,

p.s. remember to read and adhere to #25 as well

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Samuel:
I woke up this morning after deaming of my wife. Not that this was unusual; it was just I felt so sad over the death of my relationship with her because of PSI. I have never felt this bad in all my life. It's been two years and it still hurts. I just wonder how an organization like this, one that 'promotes" peace, can influence the minds of this many people and destroy their lives without any remorse whatsoever. I want to recover from this but it seems that I can't. I must have loved my wife very much; much more than she gave me credit for. Have you ever wished your loved one had never been born, so that you never would have met her just so you wouldn't feel this pain? That's how I feel. She taught me to love and trust her unconditionally; she taught me they were just words. How sad is that?

So thanks to PSI for destroying my life.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from steve 989
Sam, I hope you''re ok. That last post is exactly how I feel about my wife. I hope you find peace someday.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Steve again:
found this on another site and thought if anyone was interested.

Your Help is Needed!
The highly respected talk show, The Montel Willams Show, is looking for 2nd generation ex-cult members to do a show on educating the public of the dangers and damage caused by these groups and the struggles of recovery after leaving.

If you were born into a destructive non-secular high control group or brought there as a child, they would like for you to help.

If you are interested, please call 212-830-0316 as soon as possible. The taping will be very soon and all expenses are paid.


The Montel Williams Show

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

Robert Paul sais:

Your post brought back that memory with my wife. She also showed me the photographs of her going over walls, standing on the pole and the edge of a cliff. She was very upset when I didn't have a reaction to her doing these things. I thought she was alittle too old and could have easily been hurt. I never understood the trust she put in these people when they were holding the ropes while she was in that harness.

Hope things are well with you. I wish you luck and prayers with the wife.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

new poster: ghost dancer:
Samuel, If you are getting this. I read your post from May 12, 2006 and this is what happened to my wife just last night. I copied the post I sent into PSI Legal Action. I thought you would be interested. I hope things are good for you.

Man, what a night!!!! I couldn’t believe the timing of this, nor would I have ever thought something like this would happen. My wife came home last night from one of her “coffee” meeting a little upset. It seems her “group” had chastised her for being a couple of minutes late. When she got home she received a call from one of her “new buddies” and they talked about the situation from their meeting in whispered voices. She almost started crying and said she was sorry she was late, but no one accepted the excuse that traffic was terrible. I even heard her say she “was out of integrity.” When she got off the phone she was somewhat tight lipped about what had happen and would only give me one word answers. I swear I wanted to explode. That was until she sat down to watch TV with my oldest daughter and me.

Now, I couldn’t have timed this better if I had planned it myself because we were watching an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It just so happens this episode was about a “cult guru” selling seminars, similar to PSI. Well this must have been a wake up call for my wife because she just started crying. I thought she was having a nervous breakdown. I have to tell you I was never more terrified in my life. The thought I had was that I was going to have to take her to a hospital and have her admitted into the psych ward.

I spent all night talking to her and explained what I had found out about these groups. As we were talking she finally told me why she came home in a ****** off mood last night. She said she was chastised by her “PLD” group for being two (yes 2) minutes late for the beginning of her meeting. She also told me that she was scheduled to have the next meeting at our house. Well I don’t think that’s going the happen.

She seems to be more open to the fact that she has been influenced by PSI and her behavior lately has not been normal. I hope this was the wakeup call. I even told her that we should go get counseling with someone who has knowledge with the working of these groups and can explain it better than I can. I feel very much out of my element with this and think it would help. She seemed agreeable last night and I hope it lasts into the weekend.

I can only say this has been a nightmare for me and my family and I wanted to thank everyone who responded with your thoughts and advice. I have to say I am still scared and very much afraid she will slip back into this crap. I guess time will tell.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from John-Clark:
Now you explain to me how a smart, intelligent, rational woman comes back from “the ranch” with her PSI bible and her CD’s, other then an elimination of her rational ability, and a deconstruction of her mind? Tell me: is it rational for a person to pay $3600.00 dollars for a nine day “Leadership School” at the end of PSI7, unless they were under the influence of some sort of mind control?

She brought home pictures of climbing phone poles, climbing walls, walking thought the woods; blindfolded, standing on the edge of a cliff and staring into the eyes of the male members of the group by candlelight, and tell me that is not a cult. Remember your buddies were holding the ropes? This is used to build the team. Remember the barn dance, dressing in sexy clothes picked out by you “PSI Buddy” and making a fool of yourself? Remember wearing a bathing suit in situations designed to make you “uncomfortable?” Throwing the “BULL****” on the wall? Remember that? Tell me this is rational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can’t tell me, or anyone else, what you did during the basic. I for one don’t care. Keep it a secret.

Samuel I saw this post (dated July, 2006?). You were right on the mark with the PSI bible and the CD's. My sister returned from one of these seminars and is constantly playing the CD's. And she has turned her life upside down. I posted on the thread called legal action?

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

ghost dancer JUne 2007...
sorry to have not informed better of dates..but this thread has run since 2004..
and it is STILL ongoing.
much like our:
to all preospective students.
it obviously hit a button.


I have the same problem with my wife. She tells me she's not involved anymore but it seems that she is still under the influence. She is acting suspicious all the time it's making me wonder what she is up too. She is telling me she is not calling her PSI buddies anymore but when I check the telephone she has called them, therefore she is lying to me about her involvement.

I asked her yesterday what she was doing about finding a job and she told me she is looking. She even told me that she has been posting her resume on line and nothing is coming up. I checked the computer and caught her in another lie. I am about at my wits end. SHE WAS NOT LIKE THIS BEFORE PSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am so afraid what this is going to do to my family if I tell her enough is enough....

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from nason x
june 20, 2007
Well it happened... I came home from work on Monday and found my wife had moved out. I called her and she told me that she was more interested in the benefit of PSI. I asked her that what was and she couldn't explain it.

This has been such a nightmare.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

steve 189:
Well I guess it had to happen. My ex-wife contacted me and asked me to help her. It seems that she has seen the value of PSI and what it did to her life. As most of you know she left me more than 3 years ago because of her involvement in this ‘group.’ She said she was sorry about what took place but still couldn’t explain why this had the influence it did. I learned that the new man in her life just dumped her after learning that she is pregnant. So much for the universe taking care of her and the problems of life. I guess reality had to rear its ugly head and she lost, or is lost.

So what do I do? I really not inclined to her help after all the pain she caused me or our children. What do you guys (and gals) think?

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Brad:
Hi Steve,

I think an important question to ask is this:

Has your wife turned to you because her failed relationship and pregnancy has left her feeling she has nowhere else to turn, or has she looked at the failures in her life and identified the PSI way as the reason for them?

Has she asked, regarding PSI: "How is this working for me?" and then answered the question truthfully.

If she is still unwilling to get real about PSI, she is not ready to heal herself and your family.

Unless she is willing to get professional help, working with you and your family, you will likely experience more problems and pain.

We know that the beautiful person you married lies within her and that person will emerge, or want to emerge, at some time.

It will be a particularly devastating experience for her when she agrees to and follows through on working through the effects PSI has had on her life and those people affected by her actions. She will need very loving, gentle support.

She has to totally commit to seeing the process through, however.

You need to be sure she is committed to doing that. If she is not committed to it, then she needs to deal with the consequences of her actions until she is willing to admit the truth about PSI to herself.

She needs to join the dots and see where PSI thinking caused her to cross healthy boundaries she wouldn't have crossed without applying PSI's twisted ways.

Spoon-feeding her the answers doesn't mean she accepts them. She needs to find them and she needs to break away from them herself.

A person cannot heal without admitting to and identifying the problem that exists.

It is a cruel and harsh path to wholeness for those close to people who have been misled in this way. It takes unbelievable patience, strength, and willingness to look past the external actions of those who have hurt others so much to see the damaged person inside, and then be willing to help that person that has hurt us.

The decision you need to make is not an easy one because it carries so many ramifications for so many people, especially with children being involved.

I commend you for having stood strong in the truth for over three years of what has no doubt been an incredibly difficult time.

My hope for you and your family is that the turning point has been reached.

Good luck.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Steve 989
Hi Brad, Thank you for your response.

I have no idea what motivated my ex-wife to contact me after this length of time; other than the fact she is pregnant and has nowhere to turn. She threw away most of the relationships she had prior to PSI. As for looking at the failures in her life I don’t she has even considered it. She still has that "goofy" expression that I call the "Universe is right in the world" look I've come to associate with her involvement with PSI.

I totally agree with you on the fact she needs to "get real" with herself; but I don’t see that right now. I think she is using me as a fallback position. She picked up the kids from school today and dropped them off with my mother. This is the first time in several months that this happen. My mother called me at work and told me that girls were very happy as their mother told them that 'we were getting back together" and were going to be a family again. Of course I was not happy about that as I do not want to rush/return to another relationship with a woman who has lost part of her mind to a group like this and not having the fortitude to see this for what it was. My daughters are very young and do did not understand the problem. She gave no thought as to what could happen if her return does not work out. They only see their mother returning to the family.

How am I going to explain to them that their mother threw away the family in the first place, only to take up with another man and his family, only to have him threw her away when he finds out that she is pregnant. (Nice guy huh?) Then I have to consider the fact I might end up being the bad guy in all of this when I refuse to help her. I have to consider what this is going to do to my daughters. The ramifications are very dire and I fear I will not be up to it.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

from Steve again
I was checking my email and came across this. This guy thinks that he could have saved his marriage if his wife went to PSI to see how much he loves her. Man could I tell him of the nightmare this had been for me.

Subject: PSI can save your marriage??? I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody,

I need your support through the emotional effects of my divorce. I tried to save my marriage for the last year-and-a-half, but I can't do it anymore. I gave it everything I had, but I could only control myself. My wife took a different direction. If she only decided to go to the PSI Seminars, she would have known how deeply I loved her.

At times I feel sad, but many other times, I feel optimistic about a new life. Please offer me your support by praying and shining your white light onto me. I really appreciate it.

For those of you who have gone through divorce, I would love to hear your experiences and feelings if you want to share them with me. I've already spoken to some of you individually and it's been so helpful to hear your perspective.

Thank you for your support,

Your Friend,
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Heres another example.. Maybe she would have seen how much he loved her if she had taken the **** and **** Institute (PSI). White lights and workshops??? People, get a grip, this is real life. PSI is bull****

How can this many people be this influenced by a group like this?

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

I do not mean to appear soap operish here...but
the very same thing happens at RSE...just not so blatantly
Well to update everyone, I told my ex-wife I wanted on part in being her "fall back position" because of her failed relationship with the man that got her pregnant. She tried to influence my daughter into believing that we were going to be one big happy family. After spending several hours talking to her about the issues and the changes in her behavior after her return from this PSI bull**** she still believes it was a "life changing experience." I pointed out the chaos this has created in her life, as well as mine and the kids, and she completely ignored what I said and even tried again (I still can't believe it) to get me to take the PSI basic course. (course? what a joke).

To hear her talk, she is still under the influence. I told her that there was no chance for us as a family. I told her I had no intention of taking her back and raising the child of another man. Although I feel somewhat like an ******* because the unborn child never did anything to me.

The ex-wife called me this afternoon and told that because I was not going to help her, she was taking me back to court and get custody of my daughters. She also wants more alimony. I can't believe this. It was bad enough that she left the way she did; she gave me custody of the girls and said she wanted a new life without either of us. Guess it's just another chapter in a screwed up life being the ex of a PSI Graduate

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HERE is where the threads meet:

imagine that PSI "teaches" that you create your reality. If so, your ex has created her reality (lgats are life-changing experiences) which means there is no fault to be found with you. It sounds as if she's trying to punish you for not cooperating with creating the reality she wants.

I went through the strangest life-changing experience with my sister when she got out of an lgat. Seeing how she "applied" the so-called teachings played a big part in shattering my own illusion about the lgat. The things my sister expected of me, held me responsible for, advised me on, etc. clearly showed me the sheer insanity of what lgats "teach".

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ghost dancer july 5 2007
Steve I only just started having the problems I'm having with my wife. I posted this on Legal Action.

I am praying for you and your girls.

Well it seems like my wife went off the deep end this past weekend. I heard from her father and he asked why my wife asked him for a loan of $4000.00 dollars. I was floored to say the least. I told him what his daughter had gotten involved with and he looked at me like I was crazy. When I started to explain what I’ve been going through the past two months he said it was not possible that his daughter could be that stupid. I explained to him that this was not a matter of being stupid; that it’s a matter of the group influencing her to believe things according to their reality. I asked him what he was going to do about the money and he said he was inclined to give it to her, but he changed his mind once I told him what she was involved in.

He also told me he thought she was acting somewhat strangely the past few weeks and was surprised when she quit her job last month. I think he had a heart to heart talk with her on Monday and gave her a speech to get her head out of her ass. She came home from her visit with her Dad very upset and somewhat ****** off.

That night she took out her frustration with me and the girls and after a while I asked her to take a ride with me; that we needed to talk. Once on the road I stopped at a park and frankly told her that she did need to get her head out of her ass or I was going to throw her out and file for divorce. I told her that if she fought it I would spend every last dollar I had to make sure there was nothing left for her to go after, thereby being denied the money she wants and needs for her PSI attitude.

I told her I was tired of this whole thing. I am tired of the constant strain this has caused me and my daughters. I told her that she needs to think about what she is doing to herself and her family, meaning us. I told her that I would make it my mission in life to see that she will rule the day she ever heard of this PSI BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry if I sound like a hard ass, but I am not going to take this crap from her anymore. I told her her PSI buddies would be arrested for trespassing if I find them at my house again.

I told her that I am going to enforce the news rules for “my cult;” meaning my family. I think she knew I meant business because she was shaking during the ride home and told me that she was surprised she made it home because she was afraid of me during our conversation in the car. I told her she had every reason to be afraid, as I was not going to take any more **** from her. No more lies, no more secrets and effective next week she was going to be looking for a job, or else. I said to her that I would treat her like a child if I had too and if she so much as looks like she is going to break the rules she will be moving in with her new found PSI buddies. Let’s see if they will support her because they once held her ropes during the exercises at the ranch.

I cannot believe what this has done to me. I have never threatened my wife before. I hope this ends and soon.

I feel like I have been emotionally raped because of this and I can’t take it anymore.

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finally...someone speaks out

She WAS aloof, unkind, cold, and disconnected before she left.

Yes, that is exactly the way I was after coming back from the ranch.


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jeri 442
nine 22 2007
To answer your question; I felt invigorated. I noticed a change in my attitude towards my husband, my family and friends. I felt like I had been transformed and enlightened to the point I was walking around with my nose in the air thinking my **** didn’t stink. If someone didn’t agree with me and my new “attitude” I simply threw that relationship away. I felt that the people outside my PSI7 group were my true friends. If the people I tried to recruit didn’t attend at least the basic I felt they were the ones throwing their relationship with me away and being unsupportive. Nothing was good enough.

I told my husband that in order to save our marriage he would have to attend the basic. When he said no I was angry at him for not wanting to support me in my need to have him attend. I saw that since he didn’t want to attend he really didn’t love me and I left him believing that. If the people who say they love you don’t attend the seminars they are holding you back, don’t really love you, so you need to leave them behind.

God, thinking about this made me cry. My husband was a good and caring man and I threw him away like he was nothing more than dirt. And he deserved better than that.

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from Sane Again
fng A
Jeri, I think you're right, we all just bond (falsely) with our own groups and it doesn't bring us any closer to people on the outside, whether they also did the training or not. That's why I don't think its worthwhile for spouses and partners to go off and do the training just to try to save the marriage, it just creates another set of intimacy outside the marriage instead of within it.

The sickening thing is that the trainers know this. On quest they always insisted people in a relationship should do the training together and if one did it before the other, then they should assist on the other one's course. So they know exactly how damaging this all is to relationships; they use the phrases about being left behind and its true, that's what happens, except its not left 'behind' its just left 'out'.

If you have any way of contacting the woman who had a breakdown and if you're up to it, it could be very helpful to her if you send her some information from this site on breakdowns. If you do a search on keywords like 'psychosis' and 'panic' and 'anxiety' and 'hospital' you should find a lot of info, or use more specific words depending on what her exact symptoms were.

The worst thing about a breakdown is not knowing what happened or why, finding information on this site was a real life-saver for me. Maybe this woman had other reasons but there is a good chance PSI was a huge contributing factor, if not the complete cause.

She may not want to speak to you or may reject the information at first, but it might still help, and it may ease your conscience - not that I think you should have a bad conscience, not at all. I don't mean to sound like a preacher, but I really don't think you should blame yourself or feel too guilty about things you did in good faith, with good intentions, with the best knowledge you had at the time.

And what about you, have you yourself not suffered enough from all this already? The responsibility lies with the trainers and owners, who are fully aware of the potential dangers of their courses and just carry on regardless, and who are the ones who profit from it, both financially and in terms of their delusions of grandeur and power-lust. Anyway, I have found your posts here very helpful and I'm sure a lot of other people have too, so I hope that is maybe enough to enable you to forgive yourself, even if only a little. Sorry again for preaching ...

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PSI was created by--
The company was founded in 1973 by Thomas Wilhite and Jane Wilhite ." see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PSI_Seminars

Wilhite was one of the 3 main "trainers" under William Penn Patrick who started the mass therapy craze under his Holiday Magic Company in early 1970s. He was being sued when his plane crashed. Wilhite bought the Penn Patrick mansion where he created PSI World and the other trainers were John Hanley who broke away to start Lifespring, and Jack "Frost" Rosenberg [aka Werner Erhart] started est [aka Forum, Landmark].

Yvette Mimieux starred in a 1982 movie about Patrick's mass therapy, (I have the video) first called Circle of Power, later released as Brainwash. Yes, early PSI (1970s) was way harsher than RSE and much more expensive.

Jane and Thomas Wilhite also founded the non-profit PSI World in 1973


Also known as Mystique, Brainwash and The Naked Weekend, Circle of Power is not recommended viewing for any aspiring executive about to undergo leadership classes. Yvette Mimieux plays the head of an organization called Executive Development Training, or EDT for short. Her grueling technique requires that both the male trainees and their wives participate. Few of the participants seem psychologally suited for the EST-like excesses of EDT: one man is a closeted homosexual, another an alcoholic, a third a transvestite. Nor is Yvette about to cater to the more sensitive of her charges: at one point, an obese trainee is forced to eat garbage. It's hard to tell if we're supposed to take all this seriously or not. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide"

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

My neighbor was into Holiday Magic and wanted all us kids to come over and hear him preach about it. He spent several hours in a casket ( I assume it had holes poked in it for air!) and how "enlightening it was for him. He went on and on about crap that a kid could care less about. Now, if he included ice cream, well then - maybe. A lot of things assocaited with Holiday Magic sprang out. Associations with EST and even Sceintology could be pointed out. It seems con- artists can indeed learn from each other.

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

the mass therapy founded by Patrick was "Mind Dynamics" designed by Alexander Everett

"In 1964, after a bankruptcy and several business failures, Patrick (age 33) was walking by a garage in San Rafael, California, and noted that fruit-scented cosmetics were being sold. The company called Zolene was about to go out of business. Patrick bought all of the cosmetics supplies for $16,250, and founded Holiday Magic, Inc. After the purchase, Patrick began selling distributorships in his new company .

Patrick, a student of Alexander Everett (founder of Mind Dynamics), used Mind Dynamics techniques as well as the Silva Mind Control Method in the Holiday Magic organization ."

The Silva Mind Control [aka Jose "Silva Method"] founder claimed that his ideas were ripped off by Everett and others including Scientology. Silva was a beaner --no offense to South of the Border folks--who struck early in the new age market in the 1950s and 60s with training workshops, how to make your mind/brain a laboratory to access anythig you wanted. His ideas about 'alpha states' [brainwaves] as the "keys to the kingdom of heaven" predate and predict all the same nonsense RSE produces under euphemism [JZ uses different words].

If you want to understand RSE and Scientology and other mass therapy cults better, learn about Silva and his "Method" for mind control:


Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

if you do not want to look this up, here is evidence of Silva's "remote viewing" that looks like ramtha stuff:

"1953, Silva believed he had trained his daughter to be psychic, and he introduced his training methods to Rhine with his daughter as proof. Rhine's response was that Silva's daughter was a natural psychic and he just hadn't noticed it before. Subsequently, Silva began working with another subject. This time, he tested his subject first to be sure he was not functioning as a psychic. Over the next ten years, Silva claimed to have trained thirty-nine more subjects to be psychics.

Another discovery claimed as successful is remote viewing. Rather than passively waiting for impressions to be perceived, a person projects him- or herself mentally and remotely views what is going on in a process similar to lucid dreaming.

Alleged successes with his methods convinced Silva that everyone has such abilities and can be taught to develop them, and that it is not an extra sense at all, but an unneeded—therefore undeveloped—sense. Everything happens first in the mind, he reasoned, then happens in the body. A person mentally decides to pick up a glass of water and drink it, then does it physically. Your life is the manipulation of the set rules of this universe, the trick is learning how to manipulate the rules right."

wikipedia -- jose silva

Joe Sz

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

As posted, "My husband was a good and caring man and I threw him away like he was nothing more than dirt. And he deserved better than that."

This caught my eye. I sure gave my family a run for their money, though I didn't leave my husband/children.

I think this is SO important. Not only did many/most of us fall prey to this trap, some of us actually did throw away our relationships. Then, the cult leader has won the battle. The way to win the war, is in moving on with our lives, being sure we are balanced inside ourselves and we never give the cult leader that kind of power, ever again.

Family first, exposing the likes of RSE for the scam we believe it is, is a second. Then, it's a win-win for everyone.

My two cents...


Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

Re Circle of power the film:

If you get a chance to view this film, The resemblance of the female leader in her "all powerful" persona is errily similar to JZ.

Their is also a book based on "holiday magic" titled "The Pit" by Gene church and Conrad D. Carnes originally published by Outerbridge&Lazard, inc. a bit hard to find but well worth the chase,

Re: PSI-worse than RSE???

"As posted, "My husband was a good and caring man and I threw him away like he was nothing more than dirt. And he deserved better than that."

This is EXACTLY why I made this entire post.
These men and their reactions struck such a cord in me....

I know for a fact, had I not engaged in RSE, I would have saved at least 5 different people heartache and pain,
due to "move on, and leave your past behind!"
To try to explain how cohersive persuasive groups work, and then to
try to explain how the group controls
relationships, then to try to explain
how narcissitic and argumentative people
become in said groups, and then try to explain how the connection most likely would never have happened due to becoming
a part of the group, and then to try to explain the hurt and the pain inflicted
in and on such partnerships, would almost
be not explainable to any of them.
I think this is by far, one of the hardest things I have had to deal with.