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Eyes Slammed Shut, insert toothpick

"Cults In Our Midst" by Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer. (ISBN: 0-7879-6741-6)

...Chapter 11 - Leaving the cult

"When a person is taken in by the coercive psychological and social influence of a cult, she or he EXPERIENCES what I call the five D's.

1. Deception in the recruitment process and throughout membership

2. Debilitation, because of the hours, the degree of commitment, the psychological pressures, and the inner constriction and strife

3. Dependency, as a result of being cut off from the outside world in many ways

4. Dread, because of beliefs instilled by the cult that a person who leaves will find no real life on the outside

5. Desensitization, so that things that would once have troubled them no longer do

All of these factors, which I expand on in the rest of the chapter, enmesh and work together to keep the cult member from seeing a way out"