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Evil presence in JZ's home

I learned about Ramtha through friends who went to the school and threw wonderful, wild parties and seemed like beautiful, wise and happy people. I was initially turned on and wanted to know much more. I began reading and doing my own research and "creating my day" every morning, meanwhile enjoying my new Ramster friends and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I had still never been to an event.

Through happenstance, I was invited to dinner with JZ while she was in LA. I thought she was sweet and charming. She invited me to stay at her home and attend a weekend event. I was elated. I jumped at the chance to get to see this phenom first hand and up close.

Well, the event where I witnessed Ramtha was anything but enlightening. Ramtha got s%itfaced and started yelling at everyone. She publicly humiliated many of her followers, Audrey, Mark Vicente, Linda Evans, her invited guests (myself included although I got off easy compared to the others). She wept and told all her followers that they were unworthy to be in the school.

I was appalled. I had no idea that such things went on. I was raised in a pretty strict religion and everything that went on that night reminded me of the worst example of patriarchal abuse. THE WORST EXAMPLE. I began to fear for my physical and spiritual being.

At 3am the event finally ended and Mike Wright took me to a secret room to wait for Ramtha to "leave the body" before he could escort me back to the main house so I could go to sleep.

When I was finally led into the house I felt a powerful, thick blanket of evil in the atmosphere. I can't really describe it other than that, but I felt very sure that whatever motivated JZ to yell and scream for several hours that night, was now in the house and that I was still in a lot of danger.

I refused to sleep that night and instead read a book and prayed asking for God to protect me from the evil.

The next morning I got on a plane and have never looked back. I went through depression, crying jags, confusion, anger for several weeks. My relationships with my Ramster friends are strained.

Does anyone out there know what I am talking about when I say there is an evil associated with JZ and "Ram?"

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

Terra -- From the experiences that others have written about on this board, "evil presence" is a thought that has run through my mind on more than one occassion... I have been debating all day whether or not to post a thread about the feeling of dread I have for my mother and sister attending the Blue College event in October... I almost feel like I'll never see them again...but I tell myself I am over reacting from reading some of the posts... But I tell you, any "one" or any "thing" that can manipulate and misguide and spiritually rape and take advantage of so many people looking for "good" IS evil, in my mind... whether it is Judith Knight herself or something outside of her or both... I remember when we were small and used to play with a Ouiji board.. and my mother made us stop and said "you never know what kind of spirit you're going to get when you fool around with those things"... How ironic that she is now being blindly led by some ghostly perverted pied piper in the name of "enlightenment."...

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

spiritual rape; that is what it is, good descriptive. I hope your family comes out okay.

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

RE: "spiritual rape; that is what it is, good descriptive."

Yes, and that would be evil, in my opinion. And it is.

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

I would say that you had wonderful Protection from you Higher Self because, as a result of that experience, you chose not attend the school. Yes,I understand the depression. It is the experience of a "seeker" who reconizes falsehood......such a disappointment. Yes, it was scary, but you didn't sign accross the "dotted line", did you!
"molto complimenti"

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

omg Terra!
What a dreadful experience!
Did you have any contact with JZ after that?
I have worked in and around the house,
but I was brainwashed at the time, so
my perception would be very off from yours.
Thank god and the universe that you never looked back.

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

Hi Tree,

JZ wanted to work with me and my company which is why I was a guest. After the craziness I expected that he/she would know that it wouldn't work out. However no sooner had I arrived home when I received a confirming email from Mike W. about materials etc...I waited a week and then informed Mike in my most professional, clean, cold manner that I was passing due to a conflict of interest. That ended it all, thank goodness! Unfortunately, my friends are still there and what puzzles me still and I am sure everyone of you on this board can relate to, is that there are so many wonderful, intelligent and successful people that are devoted to Ramtha. I wonder what has happened that they can't see and feel the manipulation, the abuse, the evil. These are some of the brightest people I have ever met!

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

Yes. There are highly highly successful business people, doctors, lawyers, students, children,CPA's. etc.
AT first , esp with my mom, it was very humbling to admit I was involved in
such a group. But what is even more comforting, is my son saw (he is now 20)
through this before I ever did.
He is SOOO happy his mom is back.
I do think he has a concern for his other parent who is still highly involved and
in the "inner" workings.
Even my FNP goes to the Ranch, which is why I am having difficulty in some
therapists/psychiatric evaluations due
to my post cult affects: she is telling the insurance companies,etc that I am just
Even the therapists in the Puget Sound, and psychiatrists have NO CLUE as to the
ramifications of having endured such an
experience. In addition to healing, I feel
part of my path is in educating those whom
I encounter, which has been physicians (some are not so receptive), therapists, state workers (they at least know and have some working knowledge as there have been a few ex-Ramster's go through), and the sheriff's office (they were very obliging in the sex offender division, as they told me they encounter current students, prospective students, and ex-students).
It sort of feels like the the Warren Jeffs case and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints deal.
Until it is highly publicized, the whole sick-ness of a group goes unnoticed, except by immediate families like the case
here with Marie.
Your input has been highly valuable.
Thank you again, for posting.


Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

Tree and Terra-
You are right on about the bright,talented,and successful people attracted to Ramtha. This, of course, is attrative to potential"customers".

I listened to a broadcast on BTO that featured someone who had a pile of degrees and is a teacher at RSE. He was hardly articulate and spoke in circles. Terrible. After hearing this,once again,I questioned the integrity of the school. If this is a "sacred teaching", why trust it to someone who can't communicate a basic principle?

It was then I realized the these people were being used by being elevated to a lofty status in RSE because of their "in-the-World" qualifications. I mean, who is going to argue with Harvard and Stanford?

They lend credibility and get their book published JZK Inc. What a deal!

Back on topic: Terra,you were brave. I believe that kind of negativity palable. You had the wisdom to cut off any involvement.

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

RE: the evil feeling:
At the end of my very last retreat in 94, even after finding my card that week, I felt this sickening atmosphere in the arena as everyone was leaving. I had gone back into the school "one last time" after missing a required, just to see if I really wanted to stay out for good. I had no doubt.
So maybe I CO CREATED that bad feeling in there, but it definately meant to me Time to Go.
Another time, after sitting blindfolded for 3 cold days in The Barn, when the arena was overflowwing during a required,..I had a "vision", of a witch deflating all the tires on my car. The depression when i returned home, also left me KNOWING, that such visions are symbolically correct,and that nothing good was being gained at that place Focussing in that way.
I still "focus", meditate, have R.V. times, visions, future dreams, etc.. etc but I do themallow them when I WANT to and in ways I make up as I go..........power to the people

Re: Evil presence in JZ's home

Right on.

My last event, I did not want to attend, but went anyway. I was feeling somewhat frustrated by the confusion of teachings from different locations of events and teachers. Why were the teachers inconsistent? Why did one say one thing ('this has to be exact)" or "this is how all the ascended masters did it". I was thinking there is something not right here, combined with my still unsure if the channel was faking. Yet I had a good beginners, and the follow up in October hit a high note when the "big guy" appeared and told a 'story' of why he 'got off the rock'. With moving music playing, JR told the story which tugged heartstrings. I felt some sort of emotional connection right then, and suddenly felt myself yearning to go back. But I still could not resolve the conflicting teachings and actions of the teacher I'd had. My last event, I just HAD it. In the arena, sometimes things just felt disturbing, maybe due to my own frustration over the manner in which some of the teachers yelled at the students like cattle. At one point, when "R" did appear at the end, and said 'now turn to your neighbor and disuss it," I looked at "JR" and found him/her starting at me directly. I suddenly felt scared, but pulled myself together to feel my own 'protection of love,' but turning to my neighbor I had NO idea of what to discuss. While I turned my head to my neighbor, I felt this sharp pain go up my neck and my head felt the same as when one hits their elbow, a sharp but numbing sensation. It was odd, that's all. I did not like the manner in which "JR" was looking at me, even though the event before all I felt was a "JR manufactured love." I found myself at a loss for words after hearing "JR" for I could not repeat what I'd just heard, many times during my last event.
Just wanted to add, I finally said to "JR" through my own mind, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS." I never went back.

Thank you, Tree, for your research and helping so many of us. It's very helpful to hear from someone who was staff, who was there and saw and heard things we students did not.