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another well informed (NOT) bettye J. e-mail

Carrol Cobbs was hospitalized 2 weeks ago
for a string of unexpected physical ailments after a week of cleansing in California.
The RSE community got wind of this, and as
we all know, Carrol spoke out at the last
L.A.R.S.E. gathering (meaning, he is not
an advocate or in agreement with RSE).
Yet, clearly, in this updated message from
Bettye Johnson, you can see how the RSE
community still takes credit for such
a miracle

" 2) Re: Healing Request
Great news! Carroll Cobb didn't require brain
afterall and is expected home within the week!!!
Acceptance of BB healing triumphs againn!!!!!"

Re: another well informed (NOT) bettye J. e-mail

Oh. I hope he recovers soon.

I have watched the L.A.R.S.E. gathering on You Tube (twice) and it was fabulous. Very eye-opening.

Re: another well informed (NOT) bettye J. e-mail

I understand that she was asking students to send Carrol and his wife, BB healing and that they would appreciate it. I find that unreal, as they don't even believe in the teachings. It sounds like they are taking credit for his healing. I heard that he actually didn't need any surgery. I understand that was simply wrong information.


Talk about arrogance.

Re: another well informed (NOT) bettye J. e-mail

RSE and its' followers will take credit for ANYTHING.
If it's pouring rain for days on end, "Ramtha" or the
groupd "focusing" on it, will get the credit for when
the sun comes out.
But this was beyond.
Carrol asking for Blue body assistance....
And then the RSE community takes credit a "healing."
Do you think they will document that??

Re: another well informed (NOT) bettye J. e-mail

About as much as they'll document the incident this Primary when the audience was asked if there were any healings, for the people to come to the stage and announce what ailment had been healed. Among those who did was a woman explaining that she had been healed. This occurred according to her when she was studying the night sky the night before, and the space aliens came to her and took her aboard their ship where they performed surgery on her intestines and she was now healed. I just wonder what the speaker from Harvard?" was thinking when he heard this. I wonder if it's among the ressy documentation of healings?