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No more "have to"s


Right now I´m "dieting" from "have to"s. I´m not doing any discipline, not creating my day, not gridding the sky, not doing the walk. And I feel great. I have a lot more time to enjoy my life and do other much funnier things.

I go to work. That´s enough "have to". Right now I intend to watch a really stupid hollywood movie. Really social conciousness. The real "not having to think anything" stuff.

And now, when nobody listens, I think this kind of stuff is really healthy from time to time.

Re: No more "have to"s

Yup !

It's very liberating to not "have to" do a gazillion disciplines a day so that you feel you're still "on track" to Godhood, or else. That belief itself, is part of the mind control of your MIND.

It is my opinion that life improves with regard to that mindful freedom, after RSE.

That, of course, is not the same issue as people who have lost everything TO RSE, and can only partially recover their losses, if at all.

Re: No more "have to"s

Yes it is very sad. So many people that have lost so much. The recovery is much more difficult.

And so many on the way to. I´m very worried about that.

Re: No more "have to"s

When the madness stops, then you begin to truly know.

Row Row Row your boat... gently down the stream.
Merily Merily Merily Meily, Life is but a dream.

Chop Wood Carry Water.