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Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

I found this very interesting all under the auspices
of abuse.
This excerpt was taken from an appendix in her book.
I find it amazing then that , at least from what I have read, people
who have experienced some form of abuse, join
these groups.

Abuse - Tragedy or Wisdom
In this article I address the difficult experience of sexual abuse. I talk about the abuse I experienced with one of my brother’s friends and how that affected the mental, physical and emotional aspects of my life. However, somewhere inside of me, even as a small child I knew that I was responsible for all of it. I was the one that created the experience.

Not having anyone to talk to about this experience, who could advise me, I carried this experience through my life and it haunted my steps. Why would I want to create that experience? What would be the purpose?

As I grew into my spiritual journey, I met Ramtha and I have come to understand from the teachings that I bring events to myself in order to own unresolved experiences in my soul. What I had done in past lives to others was being brought into this lifetime for ownership. So, if I were the one that brought the experience of sexual abuse into this life for my ownership, then how could I blame anyone who merely helped me to play out my drama. It was for me to accept the responsibility for these events. If I am not the victim of my reality, but I am the creator of it, then it was for me to understand the experience, embrace the journey, own the wisdom and release it forever.

That was my journey with this event and with the love of the God that I am and Ramtha’s help I have seen the other side.


Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

the table of contents
(might be helpful for those who have never
encountered the school directly)

CHAPTER 1 Brief History Of My Life
CHAPTER 2 Ramtha The Enlightened One
CHAPTER 4 Ancient School Of Wisdom
SECTION 2 My Experiences
CHAPTER 5 My First Meeting With Ramtha
CHAPTER 6 First Retreat and Returning Home
CHAPTER 7 Second Retreat, Moving To Washington
CHAPTER 8 Sovereignty and The Ancient School Of Wisdom
CHAPTER 9 Returning To Saudi Arabia; Message Of Warning
CHAPTER 10 The Ancient School, Disciplines And March Retreats
CHAPTER 11 Out-Of-Body Experience
CHAPTER 12 My Mother's Death
CHAPTER 13 Returning Home
CHAPTER 14 Competition And Fieldwork Experiences
CHAPTER 15 The Dance Of Analogical Mind - I Am Not My Body
CHAPTER 16 The Mud Retreats
CHAPTER 17 Dimensional Mind Dances Of Power And Healing
CHAPTER 18 Candle Focus And Analogical Mind
CHAPTER 19 The List And Creating Your Day
CHAPTER 20 The Wine Ceremonies And Walk Through Hell
CHAPTER 21 Blue College
CHAPTER 22 Put It All Together, Own It, And You've Got God
A Unconditional Love
B Abuse: Tragedy Or Wisdom
C Precognition … Knowingness
D Introduction to "Generations of Abuse Revisited … Why?"
E Generations of Abuse Revisited


Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

Legitimizing child molestation and abuse. Appalling. I have this woman's book and stopped reading when I came to the place where she'd written that "R" was going to "marry" people. She was of course already married and had children, but she alludes in the book she was a bit anxious, "since she'd never been married by a 'god' before." I thought, lady, if one believes the teachings, YOU are a god, and so was the person who married you and your husband to begin with.

This is very disturbing. It offers all sorts of excuses for people to abuse children. imo, it's dangerous and if this is the prevailing RSE attitude, then authorities need to bear down on this group, for each act such as this is simply explained away as 'the child created it on their own.'

Imo, we, the adults, have the utmost responsibility to care for our children in every manner we can. We must keep them 'safe' until they can do so on their own. No, Mrs. Wiltise, you did NOT ask to be raped/molested. You're just brainwashed to think you did! I would like to know how she would feel were it one of her own children (who were in the school in her book). Would she say, 'well, you created it for your greater good?'

Sad. Very sad.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

It was because of that book ...that I actually found this site...After reading the book, I wanted to find out more about Ramtha..so I googled...and thru different areas wound up here...Thank goodness!! This site above all others really shows people what that school is about..its because the posts here are from people that placed their lives at risk by going to that school and realized it..and then took the next step and got the hell outta there....

it is amazing that she (by being brainwashed, cause her brain obviously need washing)believes this sh*t....with children and grandchildren in the school..its all a family affair..sad ...so sad. How can you possibly believe that you NEEDED/WANTED abuse in your life...I guess when the spin that is given to you at RSE spins so fast..you loose your footing and get swept up in all the fast moving(mouth of R/JZ)blur that is thrown at you constantly/subliminally and you end up coming up with an absurd rational for past experiences/emotions.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

what i dont get about her is at an event the ram called her up and realy gave her sch.. like that she is the most discusting women in the audience.....yada yada.she ran on stage and talked back.but she wrote this brainwash soapstory.what does she get out of it? her husband and her daughter were camrads.does she need jzrs aprovel so bad?

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

that woould be my guess- she needs the approval.
PLUS....at the time, the guy she had an affair with was in group 10-so any
bits of trivia, or gossip-JZ was onto.
So, since Amber having had an affair with
this other guy (ed-was his name as well),
JZ, of course, would not approve of
such a thing and cast her aside.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

Living Force - glad you found the site. I am so glad I did. Regarding 'absurd rational for past experiences/emotions', it is so much more disturbing to see CURRENT absurd rationales in living. I endured a whole afternoon of absurdity yesterday when these women discussed the merits of undergrounds they have/are building, about ventilation, about being in their under water masoleums, etc. FOR HOURS - this psycho-babble was so much crazy making. Reinforcing, competing vehemently w/each other quoting R in loud voices.. Trying hard not to show fear/confusion about stuff that makes NO sense. Grateful to only overhear, not have that circular error be my life, going nowhere but down, metaphorically as well as physically.

Like a strange little-girls-playing-house scene, but with grown adults, involving ALL their resources. And to know this is replicated thru-out the Yelm area... that concrete pourers say HUNDREDS of these things are going in, askng 'what do you know?' creating uneasiness among local blue collar workers. And then people being PROUD that they 'know something' their fellow human does not. how very sick.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to figure out how to save the planet..change leadership.. for EVERYBODY.. whoa.. it gives personal understanding as to how Hitler could have risen to power and convinced people to commit atrocities.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

it seems that one can find anything to rationalize their actions/emotions with regards to this group...and the "You created the reality" is just an excuse to not delve into your personal responsibility in life...its so simple for them now isn't it...

ya...take responsibility for A..but you only did A because of B...and had B not happened then I would never have done A....so in fact..its B that is responsible for why I did A. (never take responsibility for yourself.it's always because of something else..unless of course I needed B to happen so I could do A and learn that lesson)

see the spin
gosh my head hurts.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

G2G said, "then authorities need to bear down on this group"

I agree. So, why hasn't it happened (yet)? Where the heck is the WA State Attorney General, when he was given so much information about what goes on there ? Why did he just seemingly back off when he received the Bologna Letter from JZ's attorney ? Makes me wonder if he's in her back pocket somehow. If he is truly FOR THE PEOPLE, then he should be on the case.

Perhaps additional contact to the A.G. is in order.

Along with the local authorities and the F.B.I.

And the WA State Child Protective Services.

Yet again...maybe they have been contacted...

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

I think the more reports to varying agencies, at SOME point, some case will
be big enough for the media.
THAT will turn some heads, me thinks...

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

I am not a lawyer, but posts on this site, even reports to agencies, will mean nothing without EVIDENCE. Without evidence, without documentation, what can the authorities do? Without evidence, testimony, etc., all they have is rumors and allegations.

If something criminal happened at the Ranch, for example, a certified letter sent to JZ will at least document that it was reported to her. Has anyone who experienced rape or witnessed what they believe to be child abuse at the Ranch taken that step? I would think that eyewitnesses must be willing to make written statements and have them witnessed and notarized. Where are the police reports?

Maybe a private investigator could be hired to pose as a new RSE student and bring in the kind of technology that can record what goes on there without being detected. Joe Sz, are there any anti-cult agencies, foundations, etc. with advice, funds, etc. on reporting or documenting possible crimes committed by cults?


Here is a WA website that tells where to report possible abuse of children and vulnerable adults:


Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

Some good point's Onehand..

For a single individual to take on JZ/RSE directly is immense,
The cost’s in time, resources and emotions are HUGE…,
That’s why cult’s stay in business..They are adept at hiding behind clever lawyers..and the First Amendment protection of the…”Freedom of Religion” while lashing at dissenters… Most writers on EMF are in the recovery and healing process,
just piecing back their lives and dealing with the aftermath is enough for now.
This is not to say that nothing is being done..But to broadcast your name and any legal actions pending is not always wise.
Onehand… would you be willing to take on JZR if you had direct evidence of illegal activities taking place at RSE?
It does seem that in Judith’s case..
“Possession” is nine tenths of the law…
But evil does have a way of self imploding!
For now ….stopping the boarding of RSE Titanic.. and helping as many get off…. is paramount.


Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

I agree David.
And I DID put in a case to the local
jurisdiction....only it was past the statute of limitations for this state.

I now have a civil case at hand, and being
(think of OJ Simpson..you get the idea)

Do I think some shmuck should have has wages garnished even if he has a teenage daughter and is 4 months BEHIND in rent???
I feel for the kid.
Yet, the father (accused rapist), is still at large, and in charge of some
mall guards....what a farce.
He will get his due....
coming soon, to a theatre near you.....

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

>>>coming soon, to a theatre near you.....

Now there is a thought. Forget WTBleep...let's see the OTHER side of the story on the Big Screen ! EMF Goes Hollywood. How cool would that be ?!

Should we get Johnny Depp to play Ramther ?

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

"Onehand… would you be willing to take on JZR if you had direct evidence of illegal activities taking place at RSE?"

David, I am not sure whether your question was rhetorical or not, but if I had actual evidence of illegal activities taking place at RSE, here's what I'd do:

1) Get that evidence to the proper authorities. No individual should have to take on JZ; that's what we have police and a justice system for.

2) But sometimes even when the police get involved, the authorities drag their feet or do nothing. I was involved in just such a situation a few years ago. If the same thing happened again, and the police didn't seem that interested, I'd find a TV or newspaper reporter or some watchdog Internet group that was hungry to do an expose, and help them to get as much information and as many "photo ops" as possible.

In other words, if I had solid evidence of criminal activity, I'd work with law enforcement and the media. How does this sound: "Proof of child abuse perpetrated by a controversial local cult...details at ll!"

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber


I started another thread.. in part to respond to your post.
titled... Hal Mansfield.


Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

''''Now there is a thought. Forget WTBleep...let's see the OTHER side of the story on the Big Screen ! EMF Goes Hollywood. How cool would that be ?!''''

"From the other side of the *$#%&ing Looking Glass"...

If you have any connections with a newspaper reporter in your area or a big newspaper, such as the Washington Post or NYTimes, they have freelancers who are always looking for a story idea. If you don't have connections, just call and ask for a reporter who does feature stories in cults or the likes, give them some info and direct them to this site. I used to do PR. That's the way it works. They're out there LOOKING for things to write about or get the "scoop."

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

....there are a few in the works.....

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

there r so many skilled writers here.schouldent it be possible to send a letter to rse with all the qestions?no answers or lawyer babel exposes too.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

If you tighten the bolts on any obvious criminal activities then the group just cleans up their act in that respect and / or becomes more careful about coming to the attention of authorities.....They know what the laws are and what can and can't be done to them and for what reasons... ie, no more wine ceremonies... So then they just become more covert and people are still mentally and emotionally abused and hurt only people aren't noticing it as much now because the group has become more "quiet" about it...

It's kind of like saying we need more jails and police officers to regulate crime in bad neighborhoods... when really the issue is much more complex than just locking people up...It's about families torn apart by poverty and drugs and children raising themselves.. . In RSE's case and the case of other religious cults how do you stop people from seeking "enlightenment?"...As Hal Mansfied said "there is a need and he fills it"... CrazyJazee could say the same thing...

Hmmmm.. so what IS my point???.... Maybe I'm just thinking there has to be more than one method to skinning cats and that one needs to be careful that the cat is not driven underground, where it can abuse mice unseen.

Re: Ed Wiltsie's wife , Amber

"If you tighten the bolts on any obvious criminal activities then the group just cleans up their act in that respect and / or becomes more careful about coming to the attention of authorities"

for sure!!!
as has been the case since the inception of
EMF. Blue College last spring? no blinders for days on end, no personal recepticles for waste....
no impromptu wine ceremonies this past summer.....
AND a forthcoming damage control for RSE students to post accounts of miraculous accomplishments, all in the name of Ram and RSE (where is the puking icon?)
As with Hitler, he eventually fell.
and look how some people still suffer many years later....