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ways of leaving the cult

from TakeBack Your Life

The way in which someone leaves a cult may also affect
his or her healing process. The common ways to leave a cult are:
1) "walk aways"
2) "cast aways" (thrown out)
3) to lose the leader through death, disappearance,
abnegation, or find that the group has collapsed
4) to be counseled out.

Re: ways of leaving the cult

I'm hoping my mother will be a "walk away" after this BC event -- and she's realized she has gained NOTHING at this point from being in RSE for seven years... As a matter of fact, I'd say her physical health is worse at this point than it was before she began RSE... Since being a student, she has had triple by-pass surgery, shingles (twice), severe post shingles pain that won't go away, worsening bladder problems, various bouts with bronchitis and that's all I can think of right now.... I think all of that is probably due to age, except for the bronchitis, but my point is, not only have the RSE teachings not helped reverse the aging process, they have not even improved her existing health or issues!!!....I'm really hoping she doesn't come back with pneumonia in October.