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E-bay Ramtha's robe


hahhaaah! 15K!!!
let Robert Jones know!
is she planning a vacation?
or for her upcoming court case in
(vs the Shaman in Rainier-White wind,
or whatever her name is)

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

I can´t believe it

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

mm mm mm .... I noticed there are no bids, and bidding ends on the 25th...I wonder if Jesus would have auctioned off his robes?

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

what? no RES spam mailer about the

hahah Marie!!!
it's called the Shroud of Turin.

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

update from Bettye Johnson's e-mail:
> ramtha robe, Women's Clothing items on eBay.com
> Please Forward
> Thank you so much
> For the first time ever being offered to the
> public around the world
> is a 1993 mandarin robe that has been worn by
> Ramtha TM. This robe has
> been Authenticated and is accompanied with a
> numbered certificate signed
> by JZ Knight. This is an Ebay Auction and is not
> one of RSE. It is the
> promotion of several students to assist an elder
> Ramtha student. The
> garment offered for sale was sold by the student
> whom we are secretly
> assisting and whose name shall remain anonymous.
> This student does not
> know this is being done on their behalf.
> We wish for Ramtha's students world wide to know of
> this availablitiy.
> Please circulate this announcement if you are so
> inclined.
> Following is how the article is headlined on Ebay.
> amtha Robe Indigo mandarin coat rare
> This is a ten day auction which begins Saturday
> September 15, 2007 at
> 6:30pm.
> Which is tonight for those in the United States of
> America
> God Bless the long focus,everyone's participation,
> patience and
> brainstorming.
> Thank you
> -
> Ani Changelin
> ani7777@fastmail.fm

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

1 Bid By jrreid53( 0 ) US $15,000.00 Sep-25-07 17:54:31 PDT

could be the SELLER TOO.... it is a new ID you can have more than one

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

a Ramster buying a piece of material that
has been sweated in how many times, under
the guise of "it is LOADED with Ramtha's energy"....
and this person is not quite opulent, by
any stretch of the imagination....

Re: E-bay Ramtha's robe

trust in ramtha was over when jzr sold her cloth as relicts.after confesion is good for the soul that was too close to the catolic church.if people want this you probably cant help anymore.concretulations to jzr she got people into brainwashed fanatics which would buy the sand in the arena under the carpet.if this happens soon like with the answers and questions sessions[they were held after some posters here stated that it was an isue for them not beeing abel to ask the big guy] you guys know how close she watches.jzr:sand=$$$$$$?????please donate %to emf.the cicaret industry also donates to organizations who clear their mess up.