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this is so fng funny!
you have GOT to see this.

Bob the Builder under possessions and channelings!

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Re: ramtha:uncyclopedia

Man, Judy has certainly had a LOT of 'cosmetic work' done since that film. She barely remembles the face in the movie. Think it's because she rewire her neuronet?
I find a healthy diet, exercise, and Avon products do the same, or better. At least I know I won't turn into a piece of tight skin, 'last remaining human' on Dr. Who!

On another note, it made me feel a bit sad. I remember being so excited at, 'here is the TRUTH, FINALLY.' Imo, only someone with a bipolar/sociopathic disorder could harm the hopes and hearts of so many innocents, searching for Truth. One day sheheshe's up, next down and irritable. I should have recognized the signs, since I've had to deal with an acquaintance who is bipolar and stopped taking their meds. I DID NOT recognize this person when they were off of their meds.

Joe, if you're around, and if you know. Do you know if the Catholic church has an opinion on JR, and if so, what it is? I'm just curious.