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Mark Vicente

I hope he is not eating crow now...
and can still make movies..

Mark Vicente
What the BLEEP Do We Know!?TM
I have been a student of Ramtha�s School of Enlightenment since 1992. In my tenure at this gnostic school,

my mind and my view of reality have been radically altered.

After years of wondering how to make a film about these subjects, William Arntz (filmmaker/financier) and I finally found the spark of life for What the BLEEP Do We Know!?TM at an RSE Retreat we attended in 2001. Many of the concepts in our film were developed from Ramtha's model of reality, including Create Your Day, which Ramtha first taught as a discipline in 1992. I am thrilled to release this video wherein Ramtha explains the mechanics of "Creating your Day" as presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza in our film.

"my mind and my view of reality have been radically altered."

now we know the real reason.
I knew Mark personally. Great guy!!!