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The Pentgram court case


MORGAN, J. - JZK, Inc. filed defamation and trademark dilution claims
against Joseph Glandon. The trial court dismissed with prejudice following
a bench trial. We affirm.
In November 1994, Joseph Glandon began distributing The Pentagram and
the Holy Grail (hereafter, The Pentagram). At first, it was a seven-page
printed document. Later, it became an eleven-page printed document.
On March 6, 1995, Glandon advertised the eleven-page version in The
Olympian, a general circulation newspaper in Thurston County. He wanted to
advertise in the Nisqually Valley News also, but that paper refused to
accept his ad. The ad published in the Olympian read:
--WHAT are the secret sexual practices implied by the teachings of Ramtha?
--When will you need to go underground to hide from the Lizardmen? --And
what does Revelations tell you about the women Christ? For your copy of
THE PENTAGRAM and the HOLY GRAIL, send $7.00 money order only to: Joe
Glandon, P.O. Box 601 Rainier, Wa. 98576.{1}

Re: The Pentgram court case

The funny thing is, if I remember correctly, he only sold ONE COPY and she wanted damages........ Talk about shooting pigeons with cannons!!!