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Europa / Sportilia

The Austrian / German Coordinators have told the European Ramtha students yesterday that there will not be a Ramtha School in Sportilia at the moment for two reasons:

1) they won't get financial support from RSE in Yelm, nor are they allowed to use the emblem and RSE won't give a guarantee that all European events will be held in Sportilia

2) they could not collect enough money from the European students to buy the property

Re: Europa / Sportilia

another mass exodus to Yelm, I fortell..

Re: Europa / Sportilia

I´m afraid it will...many intend to go to Yelm.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

I'm surprised Homeland Security isn't a bit more concerned with this school, in light of this.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

the INS would have work for decades in Yelm alone

Re: Europa / Sportilia

Since it's JR's teaching 'Yelm is the only safe place' in the days to come discussions, and these people are coming to a retreat in Yelm from other countries and planning on staying, not going back to their native countries because of the fear instilled within them - perhaps Judy ought be signing immigration papers of support for all of these students, which then requires her to be financially responsible for every person coming here for at least three months. After all, would they come were it not for JR's words?
The lives they live there are so sad.

Re: Europa / Sportilia


Many are also building RSE comunities throughout Europe. People are buying houses around Sportilia and other places (Pyrenees is a safe place etc). Just as long as it is in a high place.

In order to do that, many will have to sell their houses wherever they live and give up their jobs in order to move to those places. They intend to take up a loan for the mortgage with the idea of not paying it back (as the monetary system will collapse very soon). If it doesn´t collapse they will have a big problem.

People are very much in fear. A friend of mine has almost had a nervious breakdown.

Before I stumbled with this site here, I intended to join them. But now I´m not. So I´m very very grateful to you.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

I feel so sad for these people, living in fear over teachings that were - how did it all begin? Oh yes. "I am Ramtha (TM) the Enlightened One - here to help you over the 'ditch.'" Now people live in dread and fear and where has the quest for 'enlightenment' gone? Enlightenment, I think, is already within us, some tapped, some untapped. I see a tree outside my wiindow. All the others are green, this one shines a blazing golden red at the very tip when the sun hits it. It strikes a chord within me, an emotion? I cannot describe. Is this enlightenment? For me, I think it is.

It is so heartening that you retained your critical thinking, which I think is survival. We all pass to the 'next level' at sometime. Isn't it part of being human? So what's all the fear about? I remember once I made peace with not being afraid to pass beyond, I was so free to conquer my fears and do things I'd never done before. Maybe another's enlightenment is to 'get over' fear of 'death' which I don't believe is 'death' - for nothing ever dies, imo - it only changes.

It takes a good deal of courage to do what you did. YOU made your own decision despite peer pressure and fear. You are setting an example for others, who might be teetering on the edge. Much love is sent your way, and compassion for those who are living in fear.

Re: Europa / Sportilia


"Oh yes. "I am Ramtha (TM) the Enlightened One - here to help you over the 'ditch.'""

I wonder if he continued that sentence to explain how many bodies and lives were to be tossed into that ditch in order for her to "get over" And "get over " is certainly what she does best!

Re: Europa / Sportilia

What I want to say isn't exactly about the topic of Sportilia, but it's relevant to the thread, so I'm not starting a new thread on it...

I always had a resistance to the Days To Come (doom and gloom future...for those who may be new readers), that JZ/Ramther predicted. So, there was a time in audience, in the early 2000's, when s/he said that being prepared for the DTC/doom and gloom scenario was beneficial to students. Why ? Not necessarily that any doom and gloom would actually unfold in our lives. But, that being prepared IF it ever did (what's that - a chance in h.e.l.l. ?) the students could still come to school and do their disciplines without having emotions about the turmoil around them since they'd be prepared for anything. Or, so the theory goes.

I so vividly remember that, because I just could not accept that JZ/R could be teaching enlightenment if the world was going to hell in a handbasket. It seemed to me a total waste of time.

My overall point is that this is just one more HUGE discrepancy in the teachings. One minute students need to prepare for the world falling apart because it's going to literally happen. Then, another minute it's just a command to follow, so that IF something like that were to happen, the students could ignore the world and do their discipline because they are "safe". After all, it's all about them, because anyone who suffers hardship created it and deserves it. That's their thinking.

Another discrepancy is that if the money market is going to come apart, then they aren't going to be able to prepare against that, anyway. How does one sell gold coins if nobody has any money of value to get for them ? There will be the people with devalued monetary assets, and those with gold coins. It's ridiculous.

Okay, I'm off that soapbox.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

One of the "sign" that DTC are here is that domestic animals are going to eat a lot because they "sense it coming".

My mother's cat is fat like a cow. Is this maybe a certain signal that the world is going apart soon?

When I was a child, I had four guinea pigs. They didn´t stop eating all day long. This must for sure be a sign for the DTC that are here.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

mmmmmmmmm, my cat is getting thinner - does that mean in my reality things will be fine??

Re: Europa / Sportilia


We should contemplate that "sign" a lot.

Re: Europa / Sportilia

MarchingOn...please say thank you... to your cat !

Re: Europa / Sportilia

my cat says you're welcome and if there are any other signs you would like to know about she will be happy to let us know.