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so I sit down to read the news.
I see that Madonna meets Shimon Peres.
She has on a red bracelet to
"ward off the evil eye"

so I Google this Kabbalah bracelet , and
this is the article that comes up.
Look for my comments after the article...

Happy Birthday Adam and Eve!

The first day of Rosh Hashanah (this Wednesday) is the actual day on which Adam and Eve were first created. The Zohar teaches that you, me, and every soul past, present and future, originated within the soul of Adam and Eve. Every year at this time we each return to this embryonic state for 48 hours, and create a blueprint for the coming year.

Embryo. A teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy entity invisible to the naked eye, yet containing within it not only the entire life that will grow out of it but all the future lives that will issue forth from that child.

Kabbalah teaches that Rosh Hashanah is the embryo of your coming year. Practically speaking, all your actions, behavior, and thoughts during these two days determine how your destiny will unfold in the forthcoming days.

Knowing that your fate is in your hands, the question becomes,

"What am I gonna do about it?"

Here's something you can do. Make two lists: one containing all the things you want in the coming year; the other outlining the behavior that will get you those things. Now, remember your Kabbalah basics - in order to get something you have to give something.

For example, if a tolerant, compassionate relationship is tops on your list, then practice opening your heart and being there for people during the time of Rosh Hashanah. If you seek greater independence, then relinquish your need for approval. If you require respect, then appreciate the superior qualities you notice in others.

Let the qualities you seek resonate outwards of your being, and you will see them reflected back to you in the people and situations you encounter during the year.

Now, I will warn you. I've given this message out in the past and subsequently received emails from students post-holiday who were freaked out because they argued, cried, lied, or cheated on Rosh Hashanah. What I told them, and will tell you here and now, is that nothing is written in stone; you can always change your destiny.
But if a window exists, why not open it and get some fresh air for the year?
All the best.


"how your destiny will unfold in the forthcoming days......Here's something you can do. Make two lists...."

If you ask me, this sounds like a New Year's Eve event with you-know-who!!!

Re: Kabbalah


Re: Kabbalah

and now...the 72 names for God and decoding the bible.Is this stuff for real?

As the Bible describes, 600,000 Israelites stood on the banks of the Red Sea. Pharaoh and the Egyptian army were in pursuit. With the water in front of them and their enemies behind them, there seemed to be nowhere the Israelites could turn. They could only cry out to God for salvation. And what did the Creator say in response to their cries? This is one of the most carefully studied and debated passages in all biblical scholarship. The reply was: "Why are you calling out to me?"

But whom could the Israelites call upon if not God? The Kabbalists explain that the passage is an encrypted message explaining the secret of human nature and the way to overcome the challenges we face throughout our lives.

In its commentary on this passage, the Zohar, the source of Kabbalistic wisdom, explains that there was no need for the Creator's help — because at that moment Moses revealed the 72 Names, and the collective consciousness of the people was elevated. But not a single molecule of water moved until the people had physically moved forward into the sea with unwavering certainty. Only when they were neck-deep in the waves — and still maintained complete certainty that the water would part — did the sea part to give them a passage to freedom.

"and the collective consciousness of the people was elevated.....
and still maintained complete certainty that the water would part"

holy water, Batman!!!


Re: Kabbalah

Keep digging Tree.
You sure to uncover the secrets about the JINN.

Re: Kabbalah

ty wolf
I am driven..
to help