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Could someone tell me what DTC is? also..what does E.wiltsie have to do with it...has he moved up in the school?...I have met them(e and a) recently (can't get into that at the moment)..

curiousity is getting the best of me.



DAYS TO COME....GOT IT.....Was this written by Wiltsie?


Days To Come = DTC
Earth changes

Ed Wiltzie is a civil engineer whose
work I would analogize to Al Gore's:
An agenda is set out by a bigger force,
and Ed and Al are the spotlighted people
who are doing work in thier respected
fields to support the bigger agenda.In Ed's case, "Ramtha"/JZ set it up.
And by going to one of Ed's lectures,
or viewing one of his CD's,
he gives information that only supports
"Ramtha's" teachings.
As for Al Gore, I found this quote:

"There is no proven link between human activity and global warming."

--Yury Izrael

Director, Global Climate and Ecology Institute,
Russian Academy of Sciences,

IPCC Vice President


DTC was coined by "ramtha".
Ed Wiltzsie gives lectures about
the local area that supports
what "r" is saying is going to happen.
You can order his DVD that was made from
the information from his lectures.
Very convincing


This is a great documentary that I just came across,
shown on UK's Channel 4 in 1990, called "Green House


You might notice that 2 of the scientists were also
prominent in "The Great Global Warming Swindle". The
satellite and ice core data of the past 17 years
certainly strengthens the foundation laid out in this

And I think the documentary comes to a sound (ie.
non-paranoid) conclusion. There was no grand
conspiracy at the genesis of the global warming
theory: Scientists had a need for funding, the media
had the need for dramatic stories, and politicians
wanted to feel they were behind a good cause. It was
the old tale of good and evil, with a new cast of
characters, and many with a kind of religious ferver
wanted to position themselves on the side of good. But
is the world ever as simple as Good vs. Evil?

I think it is only in the past decade that some of the
powerful see the Climate Change issue as a control
mechanism....they know a good opportunity when they
see it.


"If you love this planet"..Dr.Helen Caldicott (spelling?)...bought this book in the late 80's to early 90's..it spoke then about what we(humans) are doing to our planet...it's nothing new..only now politics are playing a big roll in it....

Al Gore is no angel BTW....he is a power player...will try to provide some links about that to those that may be interested in some interesting facts surrounding "Prince Albert"....thats one of his nicknames..

I do feel we have impacted the earth a great deal..but I also feel that humans have very big egos...which makes the average person in society fear what is happening...
Mother Nature will fight back and shake the fleas that bite off...always has..always will...


these were a list of the audios he has