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Feeling young and healthy


I have noticed that

1. What me really makes me feel good and healthy is a proper diet. I´ve tried dieting on Twinies, but it didn´t work. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and good fish and meat do.

2. What makes me feel young is proper exercise: yoga, dancing, pilates etc

3. What makes me feel renewed every day: enough sleep.

a healthy breakfast after a long nights sleep creates my day the best and I automatically have the best attitude

Re: Feeling young and healthy

So that's why the box of Twinkies suddenly appeared in my pantry!!... sigh... I can't believe this woman -- I find it hard to even call her "JZ" at this point as that 'handle' seems part of the spin -- actually promotes this stuff!!!.... She is sick, sick, sick...

Re: Feeling young and healthy

I have found your recipe VERY VERY helpful,
esp in my recovery process.
And to think JZ/R did that whole Twinkie
thing. Sick.
yes Marie, to me she is a monster today.
I am having a very difficult time knowing
so many people are on their way to

Re: Feeling young and healthy

Well, regarding the Twinkie thing, "Ramtha" claims that you create your own reality and therefore it makes no difference what you eat. "He" said that Twinkies are good for you because they are full of preservatives and will preserve the body, tee hee. But the most important thing to understand here is "Ramtha's" power of influence. If "Ramtha" says, "Eat Twinkies, they are good for you," the students do.

That is a very powerful influence and an example of what makes RSE a dangerous place. Such a strong, unquestioning belief in the words and direction of a leader is what creates a Waco, a Jonestown and all of the other cult tragedies.

Re: Feeling young and healthy

Sooo, what are the "codes" to get outta here ? Outta WHERE ? One's physical body ? Was it just a dangled carrot without explanation, so students can form an assumption about the meaning ??? That's standard operating procedure...dangle those carrots with a tiny bit of cryptic info so the students can all mentally ********** on what the f it means. That's not new, either. Common conversation is just about trying to figure out the intent/meaning behind various comments made. So sad.

Does "codes" = KOOL-AID ?

I really worry about the students.

Where the heck is the FBI on this one ???? Someone needs to call them in for a big investigation of that place. Or send them to this website.

Re: Feeling young and healthy

OMG. I've wondered the same thing when I heard JR would give the "code" to get out of Yelm. Yet Yelm is the only safe place on earth according to JR? Then JR states the Sportilla European facility will be 'safe' due to it's location away from the wind.

Kool Aid. Same line of thinking. Only thing is that they'll be told to bring a bottle or four of wine instead of kool aid. The most disturbing part of this is that SO many people will do exactly as JR tells them.

I've known only a few students who told me they 'didn't do everything' "R" tells them and they were long-term people, but still seemed to have at least part of their own minds, not doing disciplines all day long, etc, and living their lives normally or as close to someone in the school can. They must be the fringe element in the school, and I'm sure they're quite hush hush about it among the 'fundamentalist ramsters.'

I had NO idea of the background of this school when I innocently went to my first retreat. I had no idea it was once considered a church! I so wish this forum were available at that time. I do also feel people should be informed when they register, prior to paying, they will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement or not be permitted to attend. That is just as bad as a 'switch and bait.' FULL DISCLOSURE - it's a business!

Re: Feeling young and healthy

Very interesting comment

"Sportilla is safe because its away from the wind???"

Hasn't Ramtha described himself as "The Wind? A little something I seem to remember from the White Book.

So the danger is Ramtha himself which, of course, is the point of this forum, to let the owrld know that Ramtha is dangerous.