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A very odd and amusing dream

A Weird Dream

Some former members might find this amusing, but it also
shows a bit of where my progress is at.

Early this morning I dreamt I was at this hotel
where an event was being held, and the students
were also staying at this hotel.
Well, they came back from their first lecture
with orders to go to the local fabric shop,
procure some materials, to Make a smaller area
in their hotel room so they
could sequestor themselves in their room because some
type of flu was coming.
[I had been reading Time/Life magazine
yesterday with pics of what the Spanish Flu
looked like in 1917 and 1918.]
They were all buzzing around with Velcro,
felt, duct tape,glitter, string, pipe cleaners, making all variations on
a theme .
Some of my former friends asked me to help
them as it was absolutely imminent
AND they just HAD to attend the next lecture.
(I recall thinking, that is seems somewhat hypocritical, but ok..)

Well, some guy even got a bread truck and
made his little enclave there! Hahahah!

I told my friends,
“Well, how about covering up your venting system
in your room? Does that not make sense?”
“oh no!! I have to do it THIS way! Plus, there
is an event on this evening, which I have to get
back to.”
I recalled thinking to myself,
“wow. They really believe this stuff.
I can’t really see this as happening, but I will
just watch.”
They asked me to help them cut out some felt
and stick Velcro to the ceiling, cut out their letters
of their names, so they could know who’s
spot was who’s spot.
I asked again,
“Don’t you think you ought to do something
about the central venting system in your room?
If you are worried about something
Airborne coming in?”
No one wanted to hear it.
Then the best part of the dream was
before they attended the next lecture,
they all had to get, in whatever form they saw
fit, corn insurance. Omg!!
I saw someone going into the event with a kernel
of corn safety pinned to their shirt.
Someone had corn on the cob in their pocket.
Some one else had some papers stapled together.

It was highly amusing!

( I don't anticipate any responses, but
I think levity is a good thing )

Re: A very odd and amusing dream

Re: A very odd and amusing dream

Tree, I like your dream much better than the one I had! I was never involved in Scientology, but have been avidly reading after leaving RSE. In my dream, I was at a hotel and accidentally walked into a room full of scientologists, in the midst of their making 'kool aid.' The people there seemed to think I was one of them, but I sure as heck wanted to get out of there, for I wasn't going to drink anything! So I said I HAD to use the ladie's room. To my surpirse (in my dream), a young man was sent to accompany me, and I was thinking of how to elude him. After many turns and running, we wound up outside, where he fell into a sewerage manhole, and I continued on my merry way. But I did awaken shaken.

Keep in mind, I was only in the school for not quite a year. But the indoctrination was incredible and I had attended several events. I saw the drunken Ramtha and remembered my disappointment at feeling a betrayal, yet it was explained this was to teach everyone God is in everyone. The language was foul, and staff was passed out on the floor behind JR's throne, after drinking wine. No one was forced to drink wine. But many did (my small group seemed to have their wits about them, including a lingering feeling of unease). But that didn't stop any of us from returning, which I still find myself reeling over-HOW could I go back again and again? Getting back to evenings event which was live streamed, a long-time student was physically and verbally attacked for supposedly 'fantasizing' about a mid-age gorgeous and famous latino actress, which he repeatedly denied. At the time, I couldn't see he was being punched, in front of his wife and young son. I would have walked out had I known. There is no smoking indoors, but there is a 'smoker's pit' outside, and yes, I noticed the many "Sherlock Holmes" type of pipes. At my events, it was never taught for us to smoke. (due to JR's emphysema the teachings change?) Hm. People were strewn about passed out, one girl with her zipper undone, another woman in her 40's I'd guess coming onto everyone male or female, and at the very end, EVERYONE WAS LOCKED IN. They implemented a 6 hour (or 8 hour) drive window when wine is present, they say. People who had to work the next day, some at government jobs, could not leave. Children were indeed there and heard the foul language, and witnessed the wine drinking. No one was assigned a partner to watch the person next to them, because the drinking was optional at least, at this time. JR wasn't in robes, but in tight-fitting blue jeans, a vest, a belt that had some kind of appendage hanging from it that I thought was to resemble a male organ. It was obvious JR was drunk, and although didn't throw up, spat on the stage several times. So people left thinking, okay....I'm not to judge.

After that, I felt betrayed, yet still found myself wanting to attend more events. It was very, very strange. I loved the C&E and torsion process. I wanted to learn more. Each time was more disappointing until, as I posted several times, I felt like part of a 'herd.' And further, "the famous" didn't have to sleep in tents. One famous latino stays at JR's house. Also, I was behind another woman at the bookstore, a blonde woman I didn't recognize, who said she was a 'guest' of JR's. I don't see how anyone can experience what we did when you sleep in her cushy house! Showers were out, people really were rank. Okay, sorry to get off topic again.

Tree - your's was a nice dream! You had your critical thinking in place - "critical thinking = survival.

Re: A very odd and amusing dream

Yes, I too have been looking very much into the Scientology thing.
That is especially creepy!
And now banned in Germany.
Seems your critical thinking was intact
as well.
It is so hard to believe, that we, as intelligent people,
bought into such a belief system as to
thinking drinking that amount of wine
was ok. That is sick!!!
And I am NOT a smoker, but to convince
myself because "r" said so, to smoke
a pipe for nitrox oxide benefits.
And then of course, it stops, because
JZ has friggin emphaszema.
In fact, all these atrocities today are really
making me feel like I wish
the whole empire would crumble and burn,
right to the ground.
I mean, really, how can staring into a mirror for hours on end
bring you to a wormhole??

Re: A very odd and amusing dream

Tree wrote: I mean, really, how can staring into a mirror for hours on end
bring you to a wormhole??'

That's so funny! If it could do that, then why not stare into the mirror and bring world peace - or a least a reduction in pores.