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Almost every word that comes from Ramtha(copyrighted) regarding the "End of Times" I have seen on many prophecy web sites and if you google it ...you will get many more areas of the web that contain the same info..often word for word....
www.prophicies.us (this one may be gone now)
The Fundamental Evangelicals are sure the rapture and Armagedon(spelling?)are coming..possibly MIHOP/LIHOP(making it happen on purpose/letting it happen on purpose)
but regardless doesn't all the teachings say that there is life after death..depending on how you go about with your life?? so why are people afraid if that is the case..It has always puzzled me...
I had started to research/read up on many of the prophecies about the worlds end and they all are very similar...but what is common about most is that they put FEAR into ones mind...and I for one have had enough of the FEAR MANTRA being slung around.
I do believe there is something after death...but I will trust no one except myself/mind/heart/soul with those thoughts...something in me feels that there is alot of truth in the prophecies..but that we have the ability to change the world thru our actions and thoughts. Positivity(love) does work...at least I find it works for me...

Well I just wanted to say this is soooo old news(fear making)that it is becoming predictable....

anyways...just wanted to say a few things....

David..I have not reposted my original thread as of yet ...but will in the future...I really appreciate this site and all the people who contribute to it.

Tree..Your username really applies to you and your story for me....because a Tree to me is something I consider to be strong, something that has withstood the test of time....wise and old(young in universal time-not saying you are old)...something that has seen man evolve/devolve..I really love trees.

Everyone who has been thru the school and came out with the knowledge of trusting in oneself rather than a person/entity/fraud has truly become enlightened.

I am personally living in a "what will be will be" kind of mode right now...I trust that I will be where I am supposed to be,come what may. I will continue to promote love and peace in my world as well as understanding...each one of our journeys are just that...our own...
but its funny how some want others to see what they have done on their journey and how your journey should be the same as theirs because of course they really know what journey you need to be on..and if your not on their journey..well...you just don't get it then, do you?..INDEED!

Gosh...I really do not like the Ramtha(copyrighted)talk..

Everyone please take care and trust in yourself..and trusting in oneself means paying attention to those red flags that pop up in your head/mind/heart..they are sign posts for you to stop and say "WHAT?""EXCUSE ME?""YEAH RIGHT!!""THAT SURE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE" all of those signs lead you to where you are supposed to be looking...so never stop looking/asking....

Peace and Love to all.