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I wanted to share something else:

I was feeling guilty because I actually find the discipline of the grid very boring.

Now I admit and share openly that I actually fall asleep while doing this discipline.

I´m not feeling guilty any more

Re: disciplines

Lol ! I used to say that if I was having trouble falling asleep I would just go and do 'the list' because I found it so boring I would quickly drift off. Yay, no guilt here anymore either!

Re: disciplines

None of the disciplines are personally meaningful although some are set up so that it appears that way. This is called illusion.

Re: disciplines

I totally, 100% agree Morpheus.

This is NOT to say, that the one
"discipline" that was NOT
copyrighted by JZK, Inc
and that the school
stole and used for it's own
("Hear ye! Hear ye!
RSE has created not one, but TWO
masters of the cards!!")

is not without merit.
But , If one uses that for their
own motives, what is the point
if one does not share in the wealth?
(Thinking of Bill Gates and Bono, for

And Greg Simmons cannot tell me the JZ Knight Humanities foundation is current
in giving out scholarships.
They have not given any out in several years. And she is richer now , than
she was then.

Re: disciplines

I am cross posting Morpheus' post from the DTC thread as it seems appropriate and
stated very very well.


Sep 13th, 2007 - 10:45 AM

The process of deception involves a few different processes. For example, when "Ramtha" is lecturing "he" speaks in a cadence which is intended to promote a trance in the listener. The pacing back and forth across the stage is also rhythmic, hence hypnotic. This is a technique called "Ericksonian hypnosis" and you can learn more about it by searching "Milton Erickson" at www.wikipedia.org. The purpose of the trance is to turn off the conscious mind which is capable of questioning what is being said. ("Ramtha" calls that doubt.) Instead of asking mental questions the listener simply accepts "Ramtha's" statements without evaluating them. Does it really make sense to you that the world will "end" in 2009? No, it does not make sense but it sure does frighten a person which makes them feel vulnerable and even more inclined to follow "Ramtha's" advice. Fear induces a sense of panic and loss of confidence. JZ's game is about controlling innocent and naive people. Generating fear is one of the tactics. A fearful person is more highly suggestible and can therefore be more easily controlled. Do you see how advantageous it is to induce fear?

The most important thing is to think for yourself and yes, "Ramtha" does say that except when "he" says it "he" is really saying, "You're thinking for yourself if you do what I say."

Another process of deception is the disciplines. They are all designed to turn off your conscious mind (that part of you which would question) and make the participant more suggestible. "Ramtha" says that this is how a person "creates their own reality." The simple fact is that people do not create their own reality but it sure does sound good so it is something a person may be inclined to believe (think Santa Claus.) What people do create is how they respond to their reality.

Some RSE students believe the disciplines "work" because they find their cards on the field. Yes, you will find your card some of the time in the same way that when you flip a coin and call it heads or tails it will match your call. It is called statistical odds but innocent people without an understanding of this concept will "believe" "Ramtha" when "he" says, "You are developing spiritual power." The fact is that you are not developing spiritual power. What is being developed is a psychological dependence on RSE. Gotcha!

Any group which is based on authoritarian control is dangerous for the participant. What exactly is authoritarian control and how can you recognize it? Authoritarian control is one way. There is no meaningful questioning allowed. Have you heard anyone arguing with "Ramtha?" Is any of "Ramtha's" information considered disputable? How is it that "Ramtha" is so certain that the world will collapse in 2009? Doesn't that contradict "his" statement that you "create your own reality?"

Re: disciplines


And my "neighbourhood" walk is like that.

I go and call my neighbour from the 1st C apartment. She lives there with her boyfriend. And then we go for a stroll while smalltalking.

My "neughbouhood walk" is thus walking with my neighbour.

Re: Re: disciplines

I found this on Youtube