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RSE Newsletter September 2007


Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007


Why are you posting advertisements for RSE ?

Further, the presentation of the consciousness being possibly separate from the brain is nothing new. That has been a theory from a long time ago, even when I was in college. I recall the discussion about it in a basic Psyche 101 class. "Ramtha's" theory was discussed then, only "he" presented it as fact, while science still bats it around as theory in some circles.

As for the doom and gloom - that's not new, nor news. The conspiracy theorists have been talking that talk since before JZ Knight was born.

IMO it's more hype and nothing more. I also think it's inappropriate posting for this forum =-)
We clearly state that at the beginning of the message board.

Interesting that the numbers in the USA have fallen. Seems the business trend is in Europe. Maybe we'll find out JZ is going to move there to retire, next. Set up shop over there and bail out of Yelm. Wouldn't surprpise me. Seems rather obvious, actually.

Time will tell....

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

it is intresting.news

it is intresting.but news??? letter.same stuff than 10 years ago.or is it more a >i told you so please someone tell me can you realy buy a face like on the foto of jz or is it manipulated?


Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

that photo is manipulated/airbrushed.
The individual who was in charge of art
direction at the time had an issue
with manipulating the photo as well
as was evidenced in audience.
The individual left soon after
the encounter to work for Nike.
(ref the black and white photo
and the posters that were later
replicated from it).

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

Thanks for letting us take a peek Compte: I don't see a problem with posting it, after all, if one does not want to go to the link they don't have too (just like changing the channel, no pun intended) and from the discussion about it it is fairly obvious it was informational I think.

In any case, Geez...her photos look like something on a bad dating site. I guess that is one way to "create reality"....That is, until they show up at our door and you see what they really look like!!!

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

Comte St. Germaine,

You have consistently posted RSE advertisements on EMF,

Just what do you hope to achieve by this?


Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

David and all,
What if I started a new movement of 1000 independent Rumtha and Mufu channelers? Could easily trademark Rumtha/Mufu and produce a scientific document from medical tests on each channeler to support the non-fraud aspect of the activity. Then produce a slick newsletter on line.
Every channeler can get a "legit" ministerial license from Universal Life Church.

This is not a new new age idea. I recall an older channeler I met twice, Janet MacClure [sp?] out of AZ, who was a devotee of the Alice Bailey stuff in the 1970s-80s. She was the first I knew to teach people to channel "masters" in classes. She produced 4 0r 5 entities herself including AAB's Tibetan at her workshops.

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

personally, I don't see the newsletter as an ad, I see it as information.
I guess, sorta like they like to see what
is going on here, you never know if
someone sees something from that news clip
and it opens up one's eyes a little more about the subject.
Just as today, I was driving down the road, thinking
of a few of these posts, when it occurred
to me that when one of my best friends
and "die-hards" in the school left, how it
absolutely rattled my cage (and
for several months). I guess that
was a missed opportunity for me to bail
My point being, one never knows what picture, or words, or someone's view
of a topic might just make that fence
sitter slide away.
I'm not the moderator nor founder of
this site. Just my two cents.

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

Tree & JTR,

My comments were based on this fact; our dear Comte St. Germaine has consistently posted material on here that is pro-RSE, without any criticism. We've quietly watched that for some time now. There is even more to the story, inappropriate for posting here.

So, you can understand where we're going to be suspicious about Comte's motives, yes ? It's not THIS thread's post, per se, but an overall pattern.

That's why I asked Comte right up front, WHY is s/he posting what I will call "advertisements" for RSE. I'd really like to know.

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

That's interesting I also had the impression he has his own agenda.
If he is who I think he is, he is a german guy named S.... who did the same things in the BTO forum: he would give Ramtha/RSE related information, but never enter a discussion. Very similar to what someone is doing in this forum...

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

OK Joe..
Sign me up for your “Universal Life Church Channeling school..
I would really like to channel Flipper the Dolphin..
everyone loved Flipper.. He was so wise, wet and kind,
some said he was even faster than lightening..
But..I’m a little concerned .Joe..
How will I keep up all the lies and deceptions to channel Flippertha ©®
As I don’t have a photographic memory..

Sure could do with a million bucks or two…
Please advise ASAP




This could be my theme song..
They call me Flippertha, Flippertha, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than me,
And we know Flippertha, lives in a world full of wonder,
channeling there-, under the sea!

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

I understand.
He/she should jsut be up front then.

I will reward you with many little

Re: RSE Newsletter September 2007

Blech -- well I for one, can't stand to read them so it matters not to me!....