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Enlightened Babies

I wanted to share this.
I was working with someone, who is still current in the school, a few months back
(I can't do that anymore-work with Ramsters. Too much of contradiction to
work around that mindset right now).
This guy is a really sweet guy, he has been in the school since 1988, lived in Europe for a while, and re-settled back here.
He and his girlfriend just had a baby.
They were having a birthday party , and all these 1 year olds and the respective parents went to this gathering.
(If I didn't know this guy personally, I would have burst out laughing, but I know how one feels about their own children.)
He actually commented, in all sincerity,
that he felt such a wonderful commaraderie
with these other parents and their babies because all of these little ones
were totally enlightened -all because
of Ramtha!
I don't know HOW I kept a straight face,
but humbly turned around to think that
at one time, I had felt the same way!
Thank God my son saw the light before
I did.
"It's about time, Mom!!"

Re: Enlightened Babies

"...all these little ones are totally enlightened because of Ramtha..."

To be fair to the father, he believes his statement to be true because JZ-pretending-to-be-Ramtha has said it many times. JZ-pretending-to-be-Ramtha often focuses attention on the babies in the audience while proclaiming their greatness, now and in the future. What parent could resist? "Sign us up for the next event!"

Re: Enlightened Babies

yes, I know the father fairly well,
and understand one usually does the best to
their ability with their children.
as I said, I believed it once myself.
Just seeing it from another perspective
was nearly absurd sounding.

Re: Enlightened Babies

I am feeling out a way to enter these forums after 15 yrs in the school and aprox 5 yrs out...I am often over whelmed reading these messages for hours on end that I just haven't found a place to start... so here goes...
I am a parent of one of the so called "enlightened" children - my child even bears the name given by the Ram. I am passionate about creating the best possible life for him that actually led to leaving the school and the area. So I would just like to offer some thoughts - my hope is that having gone thru the experience and to recover will be wisdom that I can pass on and that he is my inspiration and my will to get beyond the effects of RSE that maybe I am just now starting to realize...Of course like most parents I would hope that my child was blessed and certainly in my case with so little self-esteem I would look for it to come from outside myself. I now consider it as one of JZ's (worst/best) examples of preditory activities to use those pure parental instincts for her own gain.

well - it's a start - like I said got to start somewhere and I am not the best at written expression I'll just jump in and take it from there...

Re: Enlightened Babies

I'm not the best at checking my typing after I have punched the buttons so don't be concerned!

Re: Enlightened Babies

I am not that great at the computer stuff yet so I couldn't figure out how to get the spell check that was offered...
not that it matters
what is more important to me here is to just start getting some of all that is buried in me out...
I have been out and away from school for long enough that I think I could be "free" of it or at least making progress however all that I have been able to accomplish is raising my son and most of that I think has been in an illusion that I am a normal capable Mom, most of it is easy to fake with a baby and small child but it seems to me that it is reaching a limit now that he is getting older. Mostly I think I have only repressed the damages all those years at RSE and the time has come to do some real healing in order to get beyond it...

Re: Enlightened Babies

in my 18 years at RSE, at times, I wished my child
had been named by JZ?R.
But in hindsight,
I am so friggin relieved.
I even gave my son the choice at age
10, to choose his own name, if he did
not like the one his parents
agreed on.
And I raised my son in the school,
with some basic
tenents, nothwithstanding.
I DEMANDED, he learn to read , write,
and do math( when at such a time, so many
parents just said and advocated, "oh, go create your reality!").
so many other single mothers
chastised me for any "strictness" I had.
I,often thought, wth for?
My kid NEEDS these things.
He NEEDS boundaries.

I enrolled him in the Olympia
Waldorf School, because the original
CSE was still, oh, do I have to be polite?
still "formulating" (means, crock of ^&%$).
It was the best thing I have EVER done for him.

Re: Enlightened Babies

anon, welcome! There's something about becoming a parent that has a tendency to bring out the 'mama (or papa) bear' in us... what a great protective instinct.

I have been watching this forum since the beginning of the year and only recently made my first post. I mean, I checked the board just about every day for almost a year! Often with the same feeling of not knowing where to start, good for you for jumping in. I left the school 6 years ago and the Yelm area 4 years ago so I can relate to your feelings. My daughter was born after I left RSE when much of the influence had worn off but I do one day hope to talk to her about my experience and can only hope that somehow she learns from me without having to go thru her own 'rse'. But as so often, kids do repeat their parents' mistakes... I hope I can handle it!

Tree, isn't it an evil thing to make parents believe that their children are somehow 'enlightened'? It's easy to believe that when they're sweet little 1 year olds. What will those parents do when their kids become toddlers...?

Re: Enlightened Babies

Oops, I just realized I left the Yelm area 3 (not 4) years ago, seems like forever...

Re: Enlightened Babies

anon wrote: however all that I have been able to accomplish is raising my son'

Do you realize what a MAJOR accomplishment that is? Pat yourself on the back. You raised your son. You didn't give him up, or abandon him or allow relatives or friends to raise him. YOU raised him. So hold your head high, for raising your child, and for having the thinking skills to leave that place. You deserved kudos.

Re: Enlightened Babies

"What will those parents do when their kids become toddlers...? "

They become hell on wheels!

And then, while in audience, you get a thrashing
by "the big guy" that you have been too
lenient with your daughter and
that you have a spoiled tyrant on
your hands!!
(This is a true story. a little girl
"R" named after a famous biblical

Re: Enlightened Babies

and anon-
welcome again.
I just re read you first post again.
I can't imagine the
challenge you have as a recovering
parent. (my son is older, not in the house)

I do know that Joe Sz told of the time
when he exited his group that
he had his child full time by
himself, and that helped him immensely
in his recovery process.
Having to change diapers, etc.
It kept him grounded.

I am glad you are out of the area.
I think it helps immensely.

Re: Enlightened Babies


In CSE kids don´t learn maths, read and write and all the things you need for a "normal" education?

Re: Enlightened Babies

at cse they do.but all is collered in jzrs worldview.cse is responsible to the state.i dont know how they can hide not to be close affiliated to a cult ah buisness.