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Yelm is like a petri dish

Hi Marie,

I was going to post this on the Sea Water thread you started, but I didn’t want to take away from the direction that thread went in. Plus, your question about the sea-11 water brings up other information that it might help you to know, about the circumstances in which your mother is living.

For RSE students living in or close to Yelm, the influences on them are broader than just what "R" tells them at events. The sea-11 water is a great example: I think RSE students would have already been "primed" to accept claims made about this water, because many, many other types of altered water have been marketed in the Yelm area over the years.

From what I observed personally before I stopped getting involved in such things: Each time a "new" water product came to town, meetings would usually be held at the Prairie Hotel to kick things off. The creator of the product would usually be out of state, talking to the folkies at the meeting by speaker phone, telling about how this new water would raise the vibratory level of the body, detox you, turn your immune system into a supreme fighting force, open you to higher levels of consciousness, etc.

Of course, these waters would also be a get-rich-quick network marketing/MLM type of opportunity, and the implication was: This is going to be BIG among RSE students, and you can get in on the ground floor and make gobs of money if you sign up tonight! I noticed after a while that the same few people always seemed to be the ones to bring these things to Yelm, and they were positioned to make a fortune on each new MLM, before it fizzled out.

Not just water products, but hundreds of supplements, devices, therapies, and other products have "cycled" through the greater Yelm area, usually as MLMs (and continue to roll through to this day). Besides the get-rich-quick aspects, these products usually promise to enhance and foster health/healing/longevity, mindpower-type abilities, disaster survival, generation of “free” energy, etc. (Not to mention the numerous money schemes/scams that have come through here.) Very few of these things ever “stick” or persist. The benefits that RSE students “perceive” during the high state of excitement that accompanies the introduction of the latest, greatest thing, don’t hold up for long, and THERE’S ALWAYS ANOTHER NEW THING to take its place. Of course, in the process, a lot of people are parted from a lot of money, and once those who keep bringing these things to town take their cut, the rest of the money often flows out of town…

The financial relationship between RSE and the purveyors of all these products, programs, and schemes might make an interesting topic for discussion. Guest speakers at the Ranch introduce a lot of them. I’m sure that other posters who have been in the school more recently than I have could talk more specifically about this.

Certainly these schemes are everywhere, but when they are given the RSE seal of approval and circulated among RSE students, people can be especially well “primed” to accept the claims made, without question. In that regard, the Yelm area is like a Petri dish, offering an environment in which these things can take root and multiply like crazy, because there is no student who will stand up in the RSE arena and, like the child in the fable, point and say, “The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!”

So Marie, it’s likely that your relatives in RSE will also get involved with some kinds of products, programs, etc. that they were exposed to through the Ranch or other RSE students. At least when this happens, you’ll know a little more about the web of influences they have been exposed to.

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

I totally agree.
I observed these trends going in and out
of fashion here in Yelm.
But the real winners were with the "RSE
Stamp of approval."
I have often wondered if and how much
JZ got a cut from these guys that blew
into town
(Dr Todd' supplements, the Omega Crew/Clyde Hood, Coral Calcium,
The Meters and the Water for the Sea-11).
I guarnetee if one of us would take a walk through in your sister's or mother's house, there would not be less than 10 of these types of items in their living space
( and THAT is conservative!)
Not to mention the wooden blue stars, the
capes, the blinders, the sweatshirts and t-shirts, the books, the bowing figure in the wall painting, Christmas cards the Outback sold with students in the field in the snow, orb photographs,ultimate in camping gear and hiking boots, CDs,posters, hats, water drinking bottles, Telio Filo wine (and others
did I forget anything?

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

pond scum? (aka blue green algae?) ha ha..

looks like there is a quorum on line now. Was this thread scheduled?

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

This is so funny / interesting!... So far I have seen the blinders, the coral calcium, the books, the tapes.. lots of stones, etc in her room... I know there was talk at one point about spiders and or the spider's web being a big deal so my sister gave her a stained glass light of a spider web.. very pretty actually... oh, and she also gave her a cape, had it made specially for her... I haven't heard about the painting with a bowing figure in it, but I do believe we have one... but I think this was acquired pre-RSE.. My mother drinks a lot of bottled water and made a trip to a beach recently, which is why I asked about the water... To my knowledge, she has not experienced any particular type of "healing" through her meditations, disciplines, etc... she has had a post shingles pain in her back for several years that I know is really bothering her so yes, as Journey said, some of the promised cures are a draw for her.. That, and she says she's going to live to be over 100... I keep asking her if she believes in reincarnation and the after life, why would one WANT to live that long???.. Seems to me this fear of dying, death and the end of the world conveys a lack of trust in one's spiritual essence to continue after death... It's usually at that point that she throws her hands in the air and says "I can't talk to you about this"...

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

Oh -- and before we had this recent fallout, she wrote me a note, a part of which was "I've loved you since the first time I saw you"... which later I realized, isn't that a Ramtha line?

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

" Seems to me this fear of dying, death and the end of the world conveys a lack of trust in one's spiritual essence to continue after death.."

the odd thing Marie-
to an OUTSIDER, it looks like they are in fear.
when you are an INSIDER, you feel as though
you have no fear esp of the future, because YOU are prepared, one way or the other ( in mind, or with a UG)
So this is why she throws her hands up.
She is not seeing the two sides...
only the one..she is going to live for
over 200 years, with or without an underground.

Yes, the blue webs are a part of the
"copyrighted" blue body healing stuff.
If you see her with any blue webs on her
body, she is believing she is using
frequency and these webs to consciously
heal her self.
I always found it odd....the people with the most webs
always ended up at
St Pete's (hospital-where they have a signifcan indigant program).

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

"I've loved you since the first time I saw you"...

sounds like a line from a Movie!!

one of "r's" favs was/is:
Love, I you greatly.
You are greatly loved.

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

"looks like there is a quorum on line now. Was this thread scheduled? "

I wonder how Mike Wright is keeping up?

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish


I don't mean to be flip... I guess the point I try to make with her is, this life, afterlife, what is the difference ? You'll still go ON [at least that is MY belief]... and even if you don't, how would you know you if weren't? You'd be dead.

I guess after that comes the mis-thinking that there is somehow something so inherently wrong with THIS life, that it's not "good enough" to experience as it is... one must "reach a higher level"... But then that buys into the whole idea and cult-hook of making one feel special or privileged...

Many sides to this crystal.

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish


I have posted about this in the past (your comment about living THIS life now). They are so busy trying to be Gods that they are missing the boat on being a human being. The Human Drama is marginalized, such that it's not in vogue to want to do certain activities that are...well...human !

Even sexuality was marginalized. Why do we have it if we are supposed to negate it ? (a rhetorical question)

It's really very sad that they desperately chase a dangling carrot that always, curiously, remains somewhat elusive to their reach. After 25+ years, that should be a bold red flag to people.

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

Whatcha - this is my experience with my RSE partner. When I met him he had spent 3 years celibate and no going out or doing anything apart from disciplines and some work. Well all that went out the window with me, I love life and I make him live fully in this life, including sex (which he would prefer less than me, not because of libido but because he feels it ages him - I won't even comment on this or I'll go completely off) He sometimes laments that he can't do his disciplines living with me and my children but we don't stop him, I think life stops him, which is great!!!!

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

I was discussing that very issue with someone the other
day. the issue of sexuality
and "spilling your seed."
You can't imagine HOW many times we heard
that "men spilling their seed ages
them." And as David said before,
the big guy even comes to bed with
you(in your mind). It is freaky.

I recall dating someone for about 6
months who was 18 years older
than myself, and after 3 weeks, declared,
(or as someone else aptly put it, "slutted around in RSE", because,
if you are not "changing", then you
are not "getting anywhere." so, moving from
partner to partner is not un-common.Nor
is kicking out friends, or business
partners, etc on the drop
of a hat, all in the name of:
"I am changing neighborhoods, and you are
SOOO in my past!")
"I am a master. And Master's do not engage
in sex."
And I was thinking: OMG! I am only 32 years
old! what the hell?

Every move, and I mean EVERY move one
makes (who is a student) , it is
very carefully scrutinized until it
is blown wayyyy out of proportion in one's
own mind. All perpetrated by the guru
who keeps denouncing everyone's
humanity. "You are greater than your body!"
"You should be focusing on 200 years! and
NOT your family, your dogs, your cats,
your houses, etc!!"
In fact, just two weeks ago
was the first time I heard the wind
blow and I did not think it was "R"-
freakin' "Lord of the Wind."
I am telling you, this crap of unwinding
is work~

Re: Yelm is like a petri dish

Tree said, "In fact, just two weeks ago
was the first time I heard the wind
blow and I did not think it was "R"-
freakin' "Lord of the Wind."
I am telling you, this crap of unwinding
is work~ "

Oh, my goodness !! This is SO funny !!!! I so know what you mean !

I'd think that especially when I heard wine chimes tinkling such a melodic sound...it's Ramtha ! What an arse.

Well, now, I laugh when I hear the delightful sound of WIND chimes (not R-chimes), and think to myself, "The dude can't even make christs, so of course "he" can't make wind chimes chime, either."

Cuz it's a scam.

Too often, students think (I'm formerly guilty) that so many things are Ramtha doing this or that, because he's talkin' to us - sending RUNNERS.

"He" can't turn the moon into gold and his teachings do not work, and it's a scam.

Time to unlock our minds into freedom of thought, instead of keeping them imprisoned by the limitations of JZ Knight's groupie reality. Funny, how she's at the top of that heap, too. Hello.